Wow! One U just cut sociology and other “useless” majors

Useless, that is, unless the student intends to make a living off promoting civil discord between identity groups and massive payouts from taxpayers, a mega-industry in recent decades:

From Eric Owens at Daily Caller:

Officials at the University of Wisconsin-Superior announced the elimination of nine undergraduate majors, as well as 15 minors and one graduate program.

Sociology, theater, art history, journalism and something called media studies are among Wisconsin-Superior’s newly suspended academic majors, reports local ABC affiliate WDIO. More.

Media studies? Come on. Journalism, like parenthood, is only learned by doing. The rest is fluff.

Reality check: Yes, hard to believe, but true. Sociology is a way of training Orwell’s Outer Party, the educated class whose control of information keep others from freedom.

Is it an outlier or a dam breaking? We’ll see.

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