Why it matters that entertainment journalists helped hide Weinstein’s sex assaults

From Brad Slager at the Federalist:

As much as the performers and producers were accessories to this behavior, another part of the industry is also guilty of inaction: The journalists who cover Hollywood.

In this way, entertainment reporters are in a position similar to that of sports journalists. If you look too deeply into controversial subjects, you are barred from locker rooms, denied interviews with players, and meet resistance from coaches and management. In Hollywood, studios can deny access to the set and future projects. Anger an actor and you anger the agent, then lose out on contact with all their clients. Thus a journalist has to comport herself accordingly, or find she is cut off from the very industry she is covering. More.

Reality check: Honestly, none of that mattered in the days when Hollywood was the ultimate Big Cool. (Which is why today’s belated self-righteous condemnation of him and other predators stinks.)

It only matters now because Hollywood has been going downhill for years. It’s out of touch. Who cares about the political opinions of conspirazoids who don’t understand why the working class they are supposed to relate to elected Trump?

No surprise then, Big Cool has begun to mean big icky, stuff people both want and need to pull the chain on. There’s a good chance it will never really recover.

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Hollywood is boffo flopping but it probably isn’t Weinstein’s fault