Trudeau’s Titanic lie heading for an iceberg

When the next in the series of the United Nations’ never-ending, carbon-spewing, climate change road shows gets underway in Bonn, Germany, Monday, Canadians will be told two big political lies.

The first is that the Paris climate accord, signed two years ago, still has a chance to lower global greenhouse gas emissions to what it describes as the “safe” level needed to avert global warming catastrophe by 2100.

  • ontario john

    And breaking news from the CBC. It appears we have Trump/Manaford scandal of our own. The CBC is reporting that we have a Trudeau/Bronnford scandal. The chief fundraiser for the Liberal Party and a personal friend of Super Socks, has a tax haven in Bermuda with possible fraud activities. Other Liberal fund raisers are involved as well. Yes, the Liberal Party elites know how to look after themselves.

  • Exile1981
    • ontario john

      Who cares, its just Christians.

      • Exile1981

        White Christians.

        Shooter was not a local and came into the church armed and ‘geared’ out.

        • ontario john

          Oh well, if its white Christians we won’t hear anymore about it.

  • Marius K
  • Gary

    I know this is off topic but I caught a short piece of the STAR while at mickey D’s where the SJW Snowflakes have made their way into the Stand-up comic arena but they don’t like the mean things they hear in the crowd .
    Wow…. it’s bad enough the SJW killed the College visits by Comic , but now they want to do those jobs and not be insulted as if a Bar will stop selling booze on Comic night for fear that a drunk might yell at the comic if they aren’t funny with their stupid jokes and attacks on Trumps.

    These poor snowflakes, many are getting into high paying jobs by the quota system and they are seeing how it wasn’t a boys network of easy jobs to keep away from women.
    The Toronto Police and EMS services now have a LTD crisis for women where they get traumatized by the blood and death or child abuse and suicides and go on Medical Leave but then make an LTD claim from PTSD .
    Just wait until women are forced into being Fire Fighters by Quotas as they see the $100,000.00 a year as great to buy a house and have children. But , their zeal will wear off fast after their first serious fire call where the recover 2 little girls burnt to death in their jammies by the fire and still holding their stuffed bear or Ms Piggy doll.

    Only a CUPE job can pay $80,000.00 a year for little work and no production target stress …….but being a Cop , EMS or Fire Fighter is for the rare few that tolerate the horrors and deaths they see because it for a greater good where you protect 1000 times the number of those you can’t stop from being harmed.

    So now…it looks like the Human Rights Commission will force employers of comedy venues to make sure a Comic is in a safe space for employment to be free of verbal abuse and hurt feeling. God help us if Surgeons run to the HRC to make sure the Hospitals don’t allow blood to be seen in the OR to traumatize them and create a hostile workplace.

  • Reader

    It’s time for another musical interlude.

  • Linda1000

    O/T – Paradise Papers -how our golden boy Justine and his elite friends the Charles/Stephen Bronfman and Leo/Jonathan Kolber families use tax havens and offshore service providers to avoid paying taxes in Canada.

  • Alain

    Yet they insist that it is all those small business owners, farmers and doctors who are evading taxes.

  • felis gracilis

    “climate change road shows gets underway in Bonn, Germany, Monday…”
    Will Climate Barbie again be taking her own personal selfie photographer to the gabfest?

  • Liberal Progressive

    That is offensive to say that Justin Trudeau lied.

    They were merely alternative truths!

  • Blind Druid

    The CBC this morning “UN Climate Summit Opens In Bonn”. Amazing that they allowed comments, but very gratifying to read those comments. This enormous hoax is going to be debunked in the near future, and from those comments, more and more Canadians are seeing through the biggest scam of our century so far.