Teen Vogue shuts down shortly after anal sex edition

From Alexandra Steigrad at Business News:

Teen Vogue, which had published five issues a year, will close its print edition.

Teen Vogue’s buzzy editor in chief Elaine Welteroth may remain working on the title in some capacity and will likely find an additional role at the company, an insider noted. No word yet on what that role might be. Since the presidential election, Teen Vogue has emerged as a critical voice for Gen-Z and Millennials to rail against the Trump administration, as well as a platform to highlight diversity issues. While the digital report has been largely run by Phillip Picardi, who also oversees Allure’s web site, Welteroth has become the face of Teen Vogue. More.

As Megan Fox points out at PJ Media,

Maybe American parents don’t want their teen girls being fed propaganda dressed up as a fashion magazine. Had they considered that at all? What used to be a magazine about lipstick and prom dresses is now just regurgitated Democrat talking points. Who the heck is going to buy that? No one, apparently.

This is Phillip Picardi, editor of Teen Vogue, who gave parents complaining about his “Guide to Anal Sex” for teen girls the middle finger. He’s being shuffled off to something far more suitable to his talents: a gay platform called Them. He will also still run the digital version of Teen Vogue (who knows for how long), but there will no longer be his gross covers sitting in supermarkets for your kid to pick up. More.

Reality check: It’s not that teens or parents have changed. It’s that the would-be teen craze marketers aren’t connecting with teens anymore. They’re fighting battles no one else even wants to hear about.

Good thing the mag shut down before editors suggested that kids try eating rats or ants or sniffing glue to prove how glam they are.

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