Sweden mulls introducing digital ‘anti-terror’ fences

Sweden plans to use digital ‘geo-fences’ in larger cities to protect against potential terror attacks. Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth hopes to introduce the ‘geo-fences’ in urban areas next year and which use technology that can digitally stop large vehicles or reduce their speed.

Fools. The weapon is not the threat.

  • Watchman
    • Linda1000

      The muslim females are not allowed to drive in Sweden either?

      • Watchman

        No it’s more of a joke about female Chinese drivers’ abilities. If the picture above is any sort of serious deterrent to any mildly competent driver I would be astounded.

  • “Fools. The weapon is not the threat.” Yes, they will spend billions and risk countless lives to pretend that Muslims and Islam are not the real threat.

    • Watchman

      How soon will it be before it is mandatory that every Swedish vehicle be fitted with a device that allows any policeman to disable the electrical system on cars and the diesel system on trucks (and other diesels)?

      • The terrorist will just step out of his vehicle and stab people or shoot them, or blow up the vehicle. The vehicle is not the problem, the terrorist is the problem.

        • Watchman

          Then the government will bring out ‘knife control’ laws. If VBIEDs start to become a problem, then the government will tighten its ‘bomb aboard a vehicle laws’. Every measure will be brought in, piece by piece, to try to minimise the damage from a symptom of the true cause of deaths by terrorists but without actually dealing with or even naming this root cause.

          • No doubt – they are quite nuts!

          • Linda1000

            Funny, how they ignore their rape crisis and all the murders from that specific type of crime for both males and females now.

        • Liberal Progressive

          Simple. Just ban guns, and trucks, and cars, and knives, and acid, and acetone and baseball bats!

          • That leaves the possibility of murder by strangulation.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But all the leaders in Sweden know the real threat to their way of life are those in the politicial right wing!

      • Observer

        Why, because they will cut off all the graft they receive from Middle East dictators/

      • Leftism is a form of mental derangement.

  • tom_billesley

    Easily circumvented, but why stand in the way of companies fitting devices to vehicles and making a lot of money? We’re still waiting for breathalyzers on the dashboard to prevent DUI. What happened to that bright idea?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sweden should outlaw all vehicles and being out in public

  • bargogx1

    “The weapon is not the threat” perfectly sums it up. That needs to be drilled into the head of every politician in the free world.

    • They know, but they are too cowardly to admit it. It is like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – everyone knows he’s nude, but no one dares say it allowed – except an innocent child.

  • Gary

    Canada now spends $50.00 per muslim to monitor them for terrorism because they won’t help expose radical mosque and terrorism plots.
    No wonder the Florida jihad slaughter at the gay bar was so easy to do and that nobody seems to know this killer .
    CAIR coaches muslims to NOT help the FBI .