Paradise Papers: Tax revelations hit Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s fundraiser

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A key aide of Canada’s PM is linked to offshore schemes that may have cost the nation millions of dollars in taxes, the Paradise Papers show.

The revelations may embarrass Justin Trudeau, who has campaigned against tax havens.

The leaks pose questions about the actions of Stephen Bronfman, chief fundraiser for Mr Trudeau’s Liberal Party as well as ex-senator Leo Kolber.

Lawyers for them said no deals had tried to evade tax and all were legal.

Canadian broadcaster, CBC, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have been spearheading this investigation as part of the Paradise Papers leaks.

They said a trove of documents found in the files of Appleby, the offshore law firm that is the main source of the leaks, suggested that Mr Bronfman’s investment firm, Claridge, had for more than 20 years moved millions offshore for the Kolber family.

From CBC – Trudeau’s chief fundraiser linked to Cayman Islands tax scheme

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From Global

“Among the Canadians whose names have been mentioned in connection with the Paradise Papers are Stephen Bronfman, a financier for one of Canada’s wealthiest families and chief fundraiser for Justin Trudeau, as well as former prime ministers Jean ChretienPaul Martin and Brian Mulroney.

Bronfman and his godfather, 88-year-old retired senator Leo Kolber, are linked in a complex offshore tax structure that has stashed $60 million (U.S.) in a tax haven, the Toronto Star reports.”

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  • Marius K
  • ontario john

    Well, little Super Socks will have something to laugh about with his muslim buddy, on that tropical island this winter.

  • Waffle

    And to think it all started with bootleg whiskey . . .

  • felis gracilis

    What? Prominent Liberals might be involved in moving money offshore? Where have I heard about this before?

  • ontario john

    Yes while little Justin and his elitist buddies look for more ways to tax working people, he and his buddies can rely on their tax havens and trust scams. And of course they bring in millions of muslim savages to keep them in power.

  • David Murrell

    CTV News has a sanitized version of this story, devoting the first half to Trump connections and the three former prime ministers, and only bring in the big story, about Bronfman, during the last half. And the horrid Globe and Mail has so far censored the story,

    But this story will too big to keep under wraps. CBC News did most of the principal investigative work, and Stephen Bronfman is the chief fundraiser for the federal Liberal party. His rather big private equity fir, Claridge Financual, is up to its eyeballs in trouble here.This scandal will become a big deal.

  • Okay.

    When are the riots against a government of wealthy tax cheats who wanted to punish farmers and waitresses for earning money?

  • Liberal Progressive

    Rule don’t apply for our leaders, they are above that. Laws are only necessary to keep the ignorant masses in line. You just don’t understand that, which is why they are out leaders and you aren’t.

  • This is good news. Some major elite heads will roll. May we hope that this will even hit Justin Trudeau, and bring about his resignation? I wish.