Look! There’s A New Muslim Superhero In Town!

Meet Musalman, a superhero who follows the Sharia law. He wears a white skull-cape and saffron underpants over a green costume with a crescent moon and five-rayed star emblazoned on his chest. When a woman is catcalled, he lands up on the scene and gouges the eve-teasers’ eyes out, but when thanked for being a saviour, he shrugs, “If you had worn a burkha, I wouldn’t have had to,” and flies off.

  • simus1

    Er, since the “perps” have apparently committed nothing unlawful against their “victim” up to the time Musalman had arrived on the scene and visited severe bodily harm on their persons, I dont get either the satire or the lesson, if truth be told.

    • G2

      That’s fine. Carry on.