Islamic or oriental? Berlin playground topped with crescent moon sparks controversy

A newly built children’s playground in Berlin has caused quite a mixed reaction. With one of its playhouses featuring a dome crowned with a crescent moon, some say it represents a mosque, while others claim it’s simply an “oriental castle.”

  • JoKeR

    Well, you have to make the replacement population feel at home. ;(

    They already allow self-proclaimed “sharia police” to patrol the streets.

    I wonder how long it will take before they hold the first public beheading under Sharia Law in Germany.

  • Exile1981

    Thats a mosque. Oriental castles are square towered with multiple roofs like this

  • Playgrounds are haram, so …

  • Watchman

    It’s a islamic higher centre of learning, teaching much more science than found in any mosque.

  • simus1

    I’d have to check the playground’s plans against the existing very detailed Euro regs first but at a quick glance it seems to be more along the lines of “a very exuberant and undisciplined work of art” trying to replicate what a child would create if given the opportunity. Or perhaps the work of a drug addled rent seeker with a million euro contract and close ties to the local merkelite political machine.

  • Without a doubt, this prepares German children for the coming Muslim takeover of their country. It is a monument to dhimmitude.

    • bob e

      well said .. the images of the playground are powerful ..

  • Ed

    No howling about cultural appropriation?

  • canminuteman

    I’m sure it was unintentional.

  • Sharkibark
  • txfella

    They asked for it. They got it.

    • Still… it was imposed on most of them by some people.