How prosperous is Canada really?

Consider: Uber is now entrenched and growing in Ottawa:

It’s become common to hear middle class people wondering if they can or should do Air BnB, people who would not have considered it years ago,


Real estate brokers are getting involved with sell-it-yourself-and-save-money Grapevine:

The Select Listing was developed to bridge Realtors® needs, standardize For-Sale-By-Owner listings, and to make showings as seamless as possible. The goal of the Select Listing is to make your home listing more appealing to agents by addressing any potential concerns they may have with respect to dealing with homeowners directly.

You have a better chance of selling, the real estate agents say. But why do agents need to be in on it?

If you ask me why we were not doing this Uber/BnB? Grapevine stuff thirty years ago, I would not just say “the internet!”

We can all use the internet for whatever we want. Why are people using it to save money to this extent?

Why is saving money suddenly so important? Perhaps the change points to a hidden weakness, probably that our time isn’t worth what it used to be. Some long, slow declines may be hidden.

Consider: When people have stopped even looking for work, they are no longer considered unemployed. Over time, statistics can become skewed to the point that they don’t represent reality. That skew largely accounted for the Trump win in the US. Let’s watch this one.

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