How prosperous is Canada really?

Consider: Uber is now entrenched and growing in Ottawa:

It’s become common to hear middle class people wondering if they can or should do Air BnB, people who would not have considered it years ago,


Real estate brokers are getting involved with sell-it-yourself-and-save-money Grapevine:

The Select Listing was developed to bridge Realtors® needs, standardize For-Sale-By-Owner listings, and to make showings as seamless as possible. The goal of the Select Listing is to make your home listing more appealing to agents by addressing any potential concerns they may have with respect to dealing with homeowners directly.

You have a better chance of selling, the real estate agents say. But why do agents need to be in on it?

If you ask me why we were not doing this Uber/BnB? Grapevine stuff thirty years ago, I would not just say “the internet!”

We can all use the internet for whatever we want. Why are people using it to save money to this extent?

Why is saving money suddenly so important? Perhaps the change points to a hidden weakness, probably that our time isn’t worth what it used to be. Some long, slow declines may be hidden.

Consider: When people have stopped even looking for work, they are no longer considered unemployed. Over time, statistics can become skewed to the point that they don’t represent reality. That skew largely accounted for the Trump win in the US. Let’s watch this one.

See also: Why rubes don’t trust traditional media anymore? Because we can get wrong information without paying for it.

  • tom_billesley

    The National Health Service in the UK is in dire straits:
    The idea of NHS hospital patients recuperating in Airbnb-style accommodation has not been ruled out, health minister Philip Dunne has said.
    Southend Hospital had been linked to a trial where hospital patients could be discharged to people’s spare rooms.
    The hospital distanced itself from the idea following criticism by politicians and health groups.

  • Brett McS

    In his excellent and hilarious recent interview of Gavin McInnes, Milo notes that his (black) boyfriend was fired from his supervisor job at Uber because he complained that: He couldn’t understand the drivers; they were swapping out with their relatives and mates (not allowed); that they were never on time … Milo says that his boyfriend has a white-sounding name, so perhaps the executives didn’t realize that they were firing a black person.

    So that’s Uber combined with unskilled, third world immigration. May as well take public transport.

    • favill

      Public transport where you’ll find the unwashed and odiferous wives of these Third World Uber drivers taking up the space in the front of the bus usually reserved for the old and handicapped with their super-sized baby carriages. And their high-school aged youngsters speaking Arabic at volume 10 at the back of the bus.

  • favill

    I grew up in Windsor, ON during the 70s. When I was in grade school 29 out of the 30 kids in my class had dads; 27 out of 30 had dads who worked at either the Big Three (Chrysler, GM, Ford) or the smaller that factories that made parts/stuff for the Big Three. The down-turn started in the late 70s when Chrysler almost went under…it came back…but not to the extent it was in the early and mid 70s. Then the slow decline began. It wasn’t noticeable in the 80s, but it started to pick up in the early 90s…the bottom fell out in the late 90s and 00s. Now the biggest employer is Windsor Casino. While visiting my folks last summer, they were demolishing the huge GM transmission plant.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Budgets balance themselves and we can borrow more as long as interest rates stay this low.

    • favill

      What’s the one with where he said something about everything working out because it starts from within? Or some such nonsense.

  • Malcolm Y

    Well, our governments treat us like an ATM – whatever they want to spend they merely extract from us and if that’s not enough they’ll borrow and we make the loan payments. The time has come to say no to programs no matter how much we like them or how good they sound – you mean we can’t have the Gay Midget Hotline how barbaric thousands will be committing suicide without it etc etc etc. And, in the US, both parties have done not much else than legislate for their special interests disregarding the overall economic health of the people thus the advent of Trump.

  • Maggat

    “it changes the nature of the neighbourhood.” If you think this is bad just wait till your gov’t fill the units with islamist immigrants.