Every Major Lefty Mag Engulfed by Sexual Harassment Scandals

This is big. In some ways bigger than what’s going on in Hollywood.

If you were to name the big lefty magazines outside the mainstream media brands, you would probably come up with The Nation, Mother Jones and what’s left of The New Republic.

Here’s what they look like now.

  • Alain

    So both the Left and Muslims are obsessed with sex and neither have any self-control. Amazing how much they share.

    • Watchman

      What’s more I think we have some psychological projection here and so the Left thinks we have no self control since they don’t have any.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    David Corn is not on my Christmas card list and I hope he burns.

    Hamilton Fish V (read that as ‘The Fifth’) has got to be one of the most entitled people from one of the most old-moneyed families in New York that ever was. Nothing will happen to him.
    The rot is generational it seems.

  • Hard Little Machine

    An entire slice of the population no one has ever said no to.