Egyptian cleric claims Sharia law allows a man to marry his own daughter if she is an illegitimate child

Mazen Al-Sersawi, pervert Muslim

A prominent Egyptian Salafist cleric has sparked outrage after he suggested it is permissible for men to have sex with their illegitimate daughters and marry them.

Mazen Al-Sersawi claims prominent Muslim scholar Imam Al-Shafi said Islam allows the relationship between a father and an illegitimate daughter because children who are born out of wedlock are not legally recognised as the man’s off-spring.

  • Martin B

    Mohammedans hate it when one of their imams embarrasses them by revealing the truth about the evil perversity of Islam.

  • mobuyus

    Why don’t these sick fuckers stick to humping goats and leave children the fuck alone?

  • Millie_Woods

    But who would want to do it, besides maybe, Woody Allen?

  • Ed

    Christianity = “thou shalt not.”

    Islam = “fuck everything!”

  • Islam has no ethical basis, it’s practice is simple totalitarian power. That is the way it explains every atrocity and “legalizes” every repugnant atavism. Being a “scholar” of Islam is nothing more than a license for any pervert to legitimize the rape, murder and subjugation of anyone who is weaker or less “devout.”

    • “Muslim scholar” surely is the oxymoron of all-time oxymorons.

  • A couple of interesting articles about Muslim sexual assaults on minors:

    Tariq Ramadan accused of ‘seducing his teenage students’ It is the latest in a string of damning allegations against the renowned Oxford professor.
    This is surely pedophilia, statutory rape (in addition to his violent raping of adult women) – I wait to see whether he will be arrested and charged, or given a free pass since he is a Muslim.

    Also: Man used ice cream truck to lure, sexually assault children in North Carolina, police say. – Notice that the man has a Muslim name and his victims are underage boys.

    • As regards “Egyptian Cleric Claims Sharia Law Allows A Man To Marry His Own Daughter If She Is An Illegitimate Child” – this is of course incest, and just on biological grounds should be avoided (it is bound to produce some genetically pretty weird offspring).

      • David Murrell

        …as has traditionally happened in Muslim countries.

        • That’s why they are almost all retards.

      • Exile1981

        You’ve got it wrong, if the girl child was born out of wedlock then she is not entitled to the fathers name. Muslim scientists have proven that if a women doesn’t have her fathers name she also didn’t get his DNA. So if he marries said child there is no chance of inbreeding because she isn’t biologically his – sarc

        See it makes sense to people who have a 14th century view of science.

        • laja kurc

          Was that the “Muslim scientist” who won the Nobel Prize? No, I didn’t think so.

      • Dave

        I’m guessing first cousin marriages just aren’t kinky enough anymore. Or maybe they are trying to develop a more parasitic offspring to tax our welfare system.

      • I think it already has, has it not? The average IQ of Muslims varies between 64 in Somalia and the dizzy heights of 82 in that great academic hotbed of Islamic scholarship, Egypt. I believe 64 is defined in the West as mentally retarded.

        Apparently the health services of European countries currently being invaded by Muslims are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the cost of dealing with physical and mental abnormalities caused directly by Muslims inbreeding with first cousins. Although they are keeping very quiet about it.

        I read about a Muslim couple in Britain with a number of deformed children who said they would keep on trying in the hope of eventually getting a normal baby! You couldn’t make it up. Yet Western authorities are importing this catastrophic nightmare by the millions. And the worse it gets, the worse it will get.

        • I worry about the import of some horrible disease, an epidemic of massive proportions that no one knows how to stop.

        • favill

          It’s kind of sad that the Great Library of Alexandria was in Egypt and destroyed by the Muslims when they conquered it. All those high IQs eventually got dumbed down by consanguinity.

    • Maggat

      Surely there are tall buildings somewhere in North Carolina.

  • David Murrell

    Mazen al-Sersawi deserves his own opinion show on CBC News.

    • Maggat

      Yes, he certainly would fit in.

  • Dana Garcia

    The physical effects of inbreeding do not obey sharia law and they show up in retardation and other abnormalities among allah’s little helpers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m shocked any of them felt the need to write it down and make it official. I mean, why bother?

  • simus1

    Why do muslims they hide so many wonderful features like this from outsiders?

  • Editor

    Sacha Baron Cohen reprising his “The Dictator” role?

  • It’s your dog, Islamists.

    Fight with that one.

  • favill

    Anybody who has been in the “Sand Box” knows that Muslim marriages are between cousins (usually first cousins)…consanguinity brings about many disorders including simple-mindedness…however, there are varying degrees of retardation…many Muslims are high-functioning retarded people. The fact that Israel is the only normal country in the Middle East (with the high influx of Ashkenazis after WW2) shows that it is the only country that doesn’t practice marriage between cousins on a large scale.