Continental Breakfast

Breakfast Grilled Cheese – click image for recipe

Mostly peaceful: Police relieve antifa protesters of baseball bats, axe handles

As Twitchy reported earlier, Saturday was the big day for, and protesters took to the streets in cities across the nation to demand an end to the Trump presidency.

As if it weren’t obvious enough, the protesters aren’t pro-Hillary; RefuseFascism is buddy-buddy with the Revolutionary Communist Party, the leaders of which spoke at the New York rally.

Economic Storm Clouds on Canada’s Horizon

Since coming to power, the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done virtually nothing to improve Canada’s prospects for long-term economic growth. In fact, in many ways it has damaged the prospects for a sustainably stronger economy.

The Bank of Canada expects growth to moderate and drop to 2.0 per cent in 2018 and 1.6 per cent in 2019. Even Morneau’s own department expects growth to drop after 2017. The fact that the Bank of Canada, private-sector forecasters and the Department of Finance expect growth to slow in coming years to below 2.0 per cent reveals a deeper concern regarding the state of Canada’s economy.

Groups push for more emphasis on climate change in Alberta curriculum

Students and teachers from 14 Alberta schools got together in Calgary on Saturday to celebrate “150 ways Alberta Schools show Climate Leadership.”

Each school had a display showcasing their work with projects ranging from eco-friendly building materials to alternative energy sources.

Central Memorial Grade 12 student Shauna Kelly is proposing a Climate Charter that would create financial incentives for any school board willing to decrease their environmental footprint and increase environmental education in their schools.

They could start by turning off the electricity and the oil furnace.

Rob Reiner Launches His Own Russia Investigation And Declares War On Trump

Rob Reiner is out of his mind, crazy obsessed with taking down Trump. Obviously he has missed watching the others, who have tried and failed. But still he persists.

So maybe the Russia investigation isn’t going quite how he would like. So he’s starting his own, while he organizes a Trump resistance.

Poke the bear, Meathead.

Court bans zoo from letting children swim with crocodiles and alligators

At a unique zoo in Hesse, visitors can get up close and personal with deadly reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators. But on Thursday a court judge denied the zoo’s appeal to be allowed to continue with these practices for children.

Crocodile Zoo in Friedberg, Hesse, has faced troubles recently as its maverick way of bringing visitors closer to its animals has been deemed too dangerous by regional conservation authorities.

Kenney Comes Out Fighting Against Provincial Socialists, Trudeau Liberals

Alberta’s new Conservative party leader isn’t letting Alberta’s socialist premier get under his skin. Jason Kenney told CTV News that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s suggestions that he is too conservative for mainstream voters is just “crazy talk.”

He put the Trudeau government on notice as well, saying he would fight any imposition of a carbon tax on his oil-rich province while remaining vigilant to ensure that the federal government’s plans to legalize marijuana won’t endanger youth.

Eiffel Tower ticket prices skyrocket to fund renovations

Tourists who want to visit the French capital’s most iconic monument are having to shell out almost 50 percent more for a ticket as of the beginning of November.

Tourists are now expected to dig even deeper into their pockets to visit the Eiffel Tower, with tickets to get to the top by lift costing €25 (up from €17).

On Wednesday (November 1st) the cost of getting to the top of the Dame de fer (Iron Lady) went up by a whopping 47 percent.

They’re willing to pay more because they know it won’t be there in a year or two.

British anti-terror expert warns Norway over security against vehicle attacks

Nick Aldworth, head of counter terrorism with London Metropolitan Police, has voiced his concern over security against vehicle attacks on Oslo’s Karl Johans gate boulevard.
Oslo City Council leader Raymond Johansen said that new security initiatives in the Norwegian capital are just around the corner.

Aldworth said that he “shuddered” when taking a walk along the Oslo thoroughfare when visiting the city for a security conference in September.