‘Completely unacceptable’: Soldier wounded in hunt for Bowe Bergdahl reacts after he gets NO prison time

A soldier who was wounded searching for Bowe Bergdahl says the lack of prison time in his sentence is ‘unacceptable.’

Bergdahl instead will pay a fine and was dishonorably discharged. He left Friday in civilian clothes after arriving in Army dress blues, instead wearing an untucked shirt, cargo pants and bare headed.

Scores of troops searched for Bergdahl after he walked off his post near the Afghan town of Mest.

Prosecutors cited two missions that resulted in serious wounds to two soldiers and a Navy SEAL.

  • simus1

    It was a simple (Army politics) plea bargain to get the refuse out the door at full speed.
    If they got anything useful in exchange was probably considered a bonus.

    • Watchman

      I would have thought most service members would have been happy to see him get 20 years for desertion, cancellation of the promotion of rank backdated to his date of abscondment, non-recognition of the time spent in ISIS ‘captivity’, demotion to the lowest possible rank, and after serving 20 years a full dishonourable discharge, done the old fashioned way in front of his assembled regiment.

      The military really lost their opportunity to capitalise on this, to show that some people exist only as an example of what not to do.

  • irishrus

    Any friend of darling liberals like OBummer is a friend of the establishment and no harm will come to them

  • Gary

    Don’t be fooled by this weasel. If he was killed by the taliban after going off base…..you can bet his dad and Obama would have pushed for financial redress to Sue the Military and have the soldiers face a Court Martial for NOT risking their lives to save Bowe.
    It’s the same BS from CAIR when a Jihadists is arrested before their plot reaches fruition where the cries of racism and islamophobia come right for the lawsuit for Civil Rights violations ….but IF the muslim goes Jihad we see CAIR help the family the Sue the RCMP and CSIS for not stopping the peaceful muslim from going Jihad.
    The Liberals and leftists are now claiming that Canada knew Omar Khadr suffered from child-abuse in canada by the family and Dad where Omar should NOT have been allowed to leave Canada for Afghanistan . So now it’s our fault for not violating Omar’s Charter Right for Freedom of movement but he got in trouble during his bad choice to murder a Medic and was sent to GITMO….but that too was our fault and he got over $10 million for Rights violation.

    I remember the case in the News where a driver was on the 400 heading away from Toronto and got stopped by the OPP for doing the speed limit which blocked the flow of traffic by those doing 120 klm/h . So , even before his Court date for doing the speed limit he was stopped again by the OPP for speeding since he obeyed the first OPP officer to keep up with traffic and do 115 klm/h that day on the same 400 highway.

    Which one is it……..can we stop jihadists before the bombs go off and not get Sued….or can we wait for the bombs to go off and NOT get sued . M-103 will make it islamophobic no matter which choice the RCMP and CSIS make.
    If Omar’s sister and mother were committing Child abuse on little Omar to corrupt him …….how the hell did his Mother and Zaynab get to walk our streets and get Welfare while Omar was in GITMO . Plus, where’s the STAR and CBC over the latest scam where Omar’s lawyer wants a Judge to change the bail Conditions where he can go back to hanging around his Abusers that caused this problem .

  • BillyHW

    Women voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to sleep with him.

  • Allan

    The leftist, progressive dogma has clearly infested into the highest echelons of the military.

    • Gary

      If I’m among a troop dug in and in a war zone where I see a Bowe type soldier go AWOL to desert to the enemy for the POW benefits…….I’ll shot the bastard in the back and save the trial.
      We all get out or we all die together……that turncoat set an example and maybe the rifle captured from the enemy will now be handy for the first weasel that turns rabbit and goes over the wire. A few shots in the back and drag the body to a know risky area and make it look like he ran back to the base and got 3 AK-47 bullets in the back .
      Only Obama and his Democrats would hold him up as a hero that made a moral judgement in a battle zone .

  • BeukendaalMason

    The biggest problem with this sentence is it sets a VERY bad precedent. Now why should ANYONE be punished for desertion? Just decide to go AWOL? Go for it, Bergdahl got no time, why should you be held to a different standard? Leave your post in a war zone and get your fellow soldiers injured/wounded? Go for it, Bergdahl got no time for it, why should you? Work with people who actively trying to kill your fellow countrymen? Go for it, Bergdahl got no time, why should you?
    The only explanation no to punish Bergdahl is to make it political and try to “spite” Trump. It is reckless, petty, and must be kept beneath the dignity of an officer in the military (the officer who passed down the sentence should be dishonorably discharged for dereliction of duty).

  • Unacceptable is a diplomatic way of putting things.