Canada To Welcome 1 Million Immigrants by 2020 to ‘Guarantee Prosperity’

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said at a press conference November 1 that Canada wants to attract 310,000 migrants next year, 330,000 in 2019 and 340,000 in 2020. “Two thirds of these arrivals should relate to the economic needs of the country,” he added.

See how many lies you can spot!

  • Observer

    Did he specify the “economic needs” of which country?

    • John Boy

      If he did it would be economic prosperity for Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria…

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98
  • ontario john

    Yes, all you have to do is look at the roaring success of Somalia, to see how well bringing in hundreds of thousands of Somalis is going to work out. Because what Canada needs, are warlords and their families, terrorists, and pirates.

    • Yo Mama

      Buz we has seveer shortage of Somali drug deelers pimps an welfare muthers!

    • Are these brain-trusts implying that Canadians cannot be engineers?

      I suppose they are.

      • Marten Kähr

        What they’re really implying, is that Canadian engineers are asking for too much pay and that they need to saturate the supply of labor to keep the costs down.

        • Linda1000

          There are hundreds of engineers and tech guys/gals in Alberta still unemployed. Some are/were willing to retrain even but couldn’t get into any progams.

        • Ah, socialism.

          It keeps EVERYONE poor.

  • ontario john

    Just think of all the jobs that will be created, to build all those mosques that will be needed. And I see the Toronto Sun has a story that the Toronto area imam who got in trouble for preaching hate, is at it again. He preached another sermon calling for death to unbelievers.

    • Bla Bla

      Meanwhile some poor sap is going to prison for writing ‘no more muslims’ on a park bench.

      • ontario john

        He is lucky. In a few years he would be stoned to death in Canada.

  • Creative math on the horizon, both in immigrant numbers and economic impact.

  • Say hello to your new police officers and government employees.

  • Sharkibark

    Yay! There’s already a 4.5 year wait to see a neurosurgeon, this is great news, I’m sure it will guarantee even more prosperity like that!

  • simus1

    Should be no problem – look on the bright side.
    It will put off the housing bubble collapse for a few more years with the gubmint renting all those otherwise empty condos.

  • Oracle9

    No. It is more like 1 million a year when we count the families “reunified” on our turf, the invasion of our open borders, and the masses of foreign workers with a quick pathway to residence and citizenship.

    One million per year. That’s 3 percent per year.

    Canada is quickly becoming unrecognizable.

    • Bla Bla

      One thing is for certain though – the liberals will never be voted out ever again with this nefarious plan.

  • Oracle9

    Three main lies about multicultural rampant immigration:

    1) The wholesale importation fills gaps in our economy.
    2) The newbies will support the seniors.
    3) A massive importation of low-skilled workers will stimulate the economy.

    • Bla Bla

      Marxists always lie. Sad that candians fell for their complete bullshit and voted them in. I hope those who put these treacherous cretins in power suffer the most.

  • Dave

    1 Million Immigrants/parasites on the canadian taxpayer is like 1 Million fleas on a dog, see what happens.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But isn’t it all worth it to ensure Justin gets re-elected in 2019?

  • Bla Bla

    better get more of those diversity blocks to protect our pedestrians and bicyclists…

  • shasta

    Seeing that the source is “” I think this is more of an advertisement than a news story.

  • LairdKintyre

    My kind are dying out. It saddens me greatly. My ancestral makeup is pure British and beleive me its a confirmed fact based on a family tree with the most recent brick wall being 1810 and backed by my ancestral DNA testing. Im 3 quarters Scot and an eighth English and one eighth Irish. My last immigrant ancestor arrived in 1845 in what would be Canada. He was my only great great grandparent not born in NovaScotia. My first ancestor to arrive in North America was a man named William Bradford on the Mayflower. What will become of Canada when my kind are gone?

  • Allan

    At an apparent cost of a billion dollars a year. I feel prosperous already.

    • Liberal Progressive

      And that is a very Liberal estimate.

  • Linda1000

    Woo hoo, Toronto will get 170,000 newcomers of enrichment and almost all of them including children will not speak English. Move over Frenchies, Arabic is the new official second language of Canuckistan.

    • John Boy

      When are they going to get their first multicultural runaway truck accident that mows down dozens of Kaffir?

      • Linda1000

        When Justine officially changes the name to Koranada, you’ll know we are in deep trouble.
        I wonder what happened in that multiple cars/big trucks pileup on the 400 freeway a few days ago? – As in who was at fault?

  • Gary

    So sad for those in Toronto when it because 80% non-white and 90% non-Canadian
    The spent so much money to buy their way out of the crap-hole nation they fled but now they will look around and see how Toronto is close the same crap-hole the left behind.
    It’s very dangerous for Toronto to hold a large Block of MP and MPP seats that can sway an Election Federally to see how non-citizens and a huge % of the 16% visible Minority National population can cause the Politicians to cater to foreigners and drive of the debts with more FREE stuff for them whcih assures being re-elected.
    It will become like San Fran or LA with rampant election fraud and a majority of people with NO English skills or Rights to receive Social services and FREE Health care. I’ve already predicted that the National Corp’s will move the HQ out of Toronto because the 80% non-white jobs quotas and Immigrant employees will ruin their business by boycotts from Citizens that can’t get jobs there even when the non-white population in Canada is about 16% . Barbara Hall didn’t think this through because she knew that once she got her huge bag of money from the sucker taxpayers to retire and get out of Toronto for a safe White area among the Rich……these problems wouldn’t affect her or her children .

  • How could this go wrong?

  • Felix_Culpa

    We need more Poles and Hungarians. They’re the only people who seem to have their heads screwed-on straight these days.