Trump’s North Korea Policy Earns Praise—From a Former North Korean Diplomat

Thae Yong Ho, one of the highest-ranking officials ever to defect from North Korea, doesn’t agree with those who argue that Donald Trump is recklessly tempting war by threatening and taunting Kim Jong Un.

  • Dana Garcia

    Right, all the weak “diplomacy” from Clinton and Bush (sending foreign aid) just helped the Norks build their arsenal.

    I see Daddy and Sonny Bush are blasting Trump as rude, but he has the right stuff for handling thugs.

  • UCSPanther

    The only thing that has changed, is that the US now has a President who actually has backbone, something that the Norks have grown unaccustomed to for nearly 30 years…

  • I think Trump needs to work on civilian movements in North Korea. That will be very effective in destroying Kim’s power.