Throw away the key: Islamic terrorist, 22, gives the ISIS salute as he and four others are jailed for plotting ‘violent jihad’ in Australia – after they refused to stand for a judge

One of the five ISIS-inspired terrorists who plotted attacks on Australian soil gave the Islamic State one-fingered solute as he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars.

Supporters broke down in tears as Justice Geoffrey Bellew jailed four young men and a teenager in a NSW Supreme Court on Friday.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, Jibryl Almaouie, 24, and the teen previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to do acts in preparation for a terrorist act to advance ‘violent jihad’ in late 2014.

  • mauser 98
  • felis gracilis

    Surely they can find some shariah-stained hellhole for them to serve out their sentence. Why should the Australian taxpayer be responsible for their loving care and maintenance for the next 22 years?

  • By throw away the key, does one meet shoot them?

  • Brett_McS

    I wonder how many years that one finger salute cost? As an indicator of “lack of contrition” I’d guess that it tilted the scales quite a bit.

    I’d be taking notes of who those ‘weeping supporters’ are, as well.

  • Ego

    These people are waging a war against all non-Muslims. They say so themselves if anybody was still in doubt. They are enemy combatants.
    You don’t give enemy combatants Miranda rights, a fair trial, halal food and whatnot.
    You kill them wherever you find them (sounds familiar?).
    Everything else means a lot more cost and risk (not least of all prison radicalization).

  • blind druid

    They will be heroes to the other muzz in the slammer, and will radicalize a whole bunch more. I loved my time in Oz, mostly in Brizzie. But Sydney is a shit hole with aggressive little brown bastards openly disrespecting white Aussies in the street. On the surface, everybody is cool, but behind closed doors there is a storm building against these nasty pricks and their death cult. The Oz have way more balls than the Brits or Canadians. For the muzz — their time will come.