Hussen Admits Immigration Increase Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 BILLION Per Year & Keep Going Up

After announcing a massive increase in Canada’s immigration levels, the Trudeau government is being grilled on the extra cost to Canadian taxpayers – at a time when services are stretched, the government is running huge deficits, and taxpayers are being fleeced.

My prediction: a million refugees per year, when the actual figures are tallied.

  • Watchman

    $1 billion a year? That’s only 95 Omar Khadr’s per year! Once the budget balances itself Canada will easily be able to afford it as it’s only 1/18 of Canada’s current deficit (a.k.a. money borrowed from overseas lenders that your grandchildren will probably still be paying off.)

    • Liberal Progressive

      And that’s a very Liberal estimate.

      It’s all very good for diversity.

      • Observer

        It’s time to increase our taxes again to help to pay for the expanding invading army.

  • tom_billesley

    BBC “More or Less” is a radio program that fact-checks published statistics. It’s not got a big following which is why this has escaped the PC axe.

    To make sense of the numbers, it helps to break them down a little – to divide the net contribution to the public purse by the number of people in each group under study.
    When we do that, we see that between 1995-2011, on average each EEA [European Economic Area] immigrant [to the UK] put about £6,000 more into the public purse than they took out.
    Non-EEA immigrants [two thirds of those entering the UK] each took out about £21,000 more than they put in during that period.

  • ontario john

    Well at least he can bring the rest of his war lord family over. And the CBC is excited that Super Socks is putting an increased emphasis on bringing homosexual perverts here. Especially muslim homosexuals.

    • tom_billesley

      Homosexuals yes – anything but Christians.

  • canminuteman

    And this is the net result of that immigration.

    Poverty. This article deals with how peel region has gone from a solidly middle class area to an area where a substantial proportion of the population live in poverty.

    It has also gone from being a good old fashioned normal white area to being a third world dump.

    • Cat-astrophe

      And they will not be happy until Quebec is the last province standing on the grave of the ROC.

    • Starlord

      Thanks for sharing the link. I see they closed the comments as the truth was being said.

      If you move let’s say a piece of furniture ( hair) from one place to the another place… it’s not going to be become a fridge it will still be the same.

      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        The comments being open on the story like that is a national headline in itself.

        Liberals better hurry up and give the CBC that extra $400 Million they’ve been asking for.

        • Starlord

          Sadly most ppl are too busy or afraid to speak up. There are more Brampton’s emerging and the misguided and government think more social assistance or bending rules will make it better etc.

          When in fact if you only let in the self sustainable you won’t have this problem.

          I saw in another article that to combat this poverty companies should give them a chance… from my point and what I’ve seen.
          Very poor communication skills and the experience isn’t “modern” . Hate to say it but it’s true. Not all but most.

  • Cat-astrophe
  • Cat-astrophe

    Admits its over a Billion $$$/Y. Or in layman’s terms; the sky is the limit.
    May as well just say they are going to try cap spending on the ROC at under a hundred bucks, ’cause our flood of third world destroyers is where it’s at, baby.

  • ontario john

    Bankruptcy is our strength.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    What is wrong with this picture? Why must I have to listen to some black dude from a third world toilet like Somalia tell me what is going to happen in my once great country? I am simply running out of money to fund these ratbag invaders who seem to wander in with absolutely no questions asked –

    • Shuali

      I totally agree with you and I wish there was something I could do on a daily basis to fight this insanity. Waiting for the next Federal election is not good enough for me. How can like minded people get together and organize something to resist this foolish crap?? BillyHW below seems to be of the same opinion as us.

      • Waffle

        Time is short. Creative thinking required — outside the litter box.

        • Mickey Oberman

          How about refusing to pay any taxes at all until all immigration is stopped.
          We will all wind up in jail and aid in bankrupting our country. But we will have the satisfaction of knowing that it wasn’t Trudeau that put us there.

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          The Liberal party needs to be deemed an enemy combatant by the population and dealt with appropriately.

  • richard

    The tax on marijuana should cover it nicely.

    • Alain


    • Mickey Oberman

      But what will it cost our health care system and, indirectly us, to try to save their lives?

  • BillyHW

    Our immigration minister is a freakin’ Somali pirate because women need to feel good about themselves for voting…

  • Achmed

    The Islamization of Canada will soon be complete! Islam Uber Alles!

  • PaxCan

    Just $1 billion? I strongly suspect it’s more than that. $1 billion is just the amount he’s willing to admit to.

  • Solo712

    Ahmed is ignorant or is simply lying through his teeth. The 1 billion that he quotes would translate into an expenditure of somewhere over $3,000 per immigrant. But the we know that the costs are much higher. The resettlement of 25000 Syrians in 2015-16 was cost Canadians 385 million ( The math is simple: we are looking at something like 4.75 billion to Canada in the first year. (Now remember, in the Syrian refugee program – in the words of a food bank co-ordinator here in Ottawa who knew the federal program across the country – Justin did not include any feeding money, and many food banks were simply overrun.) So include in the calculations $200 a month per refugee for food and you’ll get to 5.5. billion, in the first year (2018).

  • Why is this @$$hole still in power? Why?

  • Alain

    Yet we keep being told that immigrants are a boom for the economy and needed. Well, I do agree on the boom part but in a totally negative sense.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Just a billion dollars? Remember how all of his monetary predictions keep on multiplying manyfold.

    This is just another way for for our poor little rich kid PM to aid his Islamic co-religionists destroy yet another democratic country.
    I am sure those millions of brainless celebrity worshippers are pleased with what they have wrought,