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Maple Candied Bacon. I repeat: MAPLE. CANDIED. BACON. Click image for recipe.

Muslims team with Antifa to obliterate critics of ‘religion of peace’

There are new indications that forces on the left are building coalitions with Muslim Brotherhood fronts and fanning out across the U.S. in search of meetings, conferences, even informal church gatherings where Islam might be discussed in a negative light.

When they find them, they pounce.

The latest attempt to shut down a meeting in which a speaker was planning to provide information critical of Islam occurred in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Germany Loses Track Of 30,000 Failed Asylum Seekers

Putting a spin on the situation, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry told reporters that some of these migrants may have self-deported. Despite this wishful thinking, it is more likely that most of these illegal immigrants are still within the country and have simply gone underground.

The news comes as Germany faces an imported crime wave. This year, police registered a more than 50 percent rise in crimes committed by immigrants. Going by the prevalent trend of underreporting migrant crime in Germany, the actual figures may be much higher.

Yes, Trump-style populism could happen in Canada. Here’s why

If populism is viewed through the narrow definition of discrimination based on identity, then perhaps, for now, this country holds a little more high ground. After all, the polling we conduct at the Angus Reid Institute shows 70 per cent of Canadians say they could vote for a national leader who is a turbaned Sikh, and that the majority feel our nation should work toward greater acceptance of LGBTQ rights. Four decades after its implementation, there is little doubt official multiculturalism policy has gone some way to protecting Canada from the anti-immigration, anti-“other” sentiment that has gripped the U.S. and Europe.

Huge explosion blasts doors off a nightclub in Sweden sparking bomb fears

A bomb squad has been called to the Babel nightclub in the centre of Malmö.

Police chief officer Magnus Lefèvre said: “There has been some blow on the club, but we do not know what has been detonated.

“The bomb group and technicians are on your way to investigating it.”

No reports of casualties have emerged so far – the club was reportedly closed during the time of the explosion.

In the era of extreme immigration vetting, Canada remains a noble outlier

While Donald Trump used Tuesday’s deadly attack in New York to promote immigration restrictions, a remarkable consensus continues to hold in Canada, evident in the response to the government’s announcement that nearly 1 million newcomers will be welcomed over the next three years.

Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said late Wednesday 310,000 new entrants will arrive next year, 330,000 in 2019 and 340,000 in 2020.