Canada government facing resistance from Senate over pot law

The Canadian government’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana by next July could be in jeopardy, with opposition brewing among some in the Senate and concerns that the deadline to pass the bill is rapidly approaching.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Bring on the popcorn. Trudeau deserves every setback on this he gets. He obviously can’t learn from other’s mistakes like the ones made in Colorado.

    • Alain

      They only see another cash cow to milk and to use the extra money for their pet causes such as all the freebies for all the illegal foreigners claiming to be refugees. Liberals just keep repeating the same mistakes as long as they live.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Deluded too. You know the government pot isn’t going to be the quality or price a consumer is looking for. The consumer will stick with their dealer.

        • JoKeR

          Are you saying that all Justin’s plans are going up in smoke?

          • Minicapt

            Justine smokes!


        • Justin St.Denis

          It is my understanding that Canadian legal pot would be a Monsanto-developed product with absolutely no medicinal properties. If Canadians are too stoned, they won’t notice their lifestyles declining (or care, once they do).

          • HalcyonDaze

            Which is exactly why marijuana is legal in Kim Jung Un’s socialist paradise. But the best part is that he’s going to offload all the administrative and legal costs onto the provinces and yet has demanded half the revenue for doing nothing more than signing it’s legalization into law..

        • Waffle

          Of course they will. Affiionados have their ‘guy” and they aren’t about to switch. Teens are pretty savvy and won’t necessarily buy government hype. So who will go to the government-run pot shop? I think it will be the middle-aged to senior “nervous nellies” who’ve read (in their Reader’s Digest) about the miracle effects of medical maryjane for their aching joint, their cancers, their fibromyalgias and so on and so forth. Will they know the difference between one strain or the other? Sort of like wine tasting — who among us can tell whether the stuff in that bottle is the fruit of carefully-coddled vines growing in the right terroirs at just the right altitude or just plain over-priced plonk?

          Good for the senators!!

          Possible added bonus: the morons who voted for Mr DressUp will probably be so ticked when their July 1 doesn’t happen, they will be the vanguard of the coming revolution.

  • Frances

    Every so often the Senate surprises. They can do good work, and having a chamber of “sober second thought” to cast a beady eye on legislation is really great when it works.

  • The morons who voted for Trudeau because he promised to legalise this garbage also wanted it taxed.

    Proof-positive that drugs make you stupid.

  • Legalizing pot would be a big mistake. It is just a plot to create a nation of potheads: slow-thinking, vague, lazy, feckless people, who are easily manipulated and lack the judgment to tell right from wrong. Such people would likely vote Liberal, and that’s why the Liberals want to produce them.

  • ntt1 I’ve worked with lots of stoners, they tend to think their quality of work is unimpeded but to me they are the same as the guy with a mickey in his lunch box. The guy above truly believes he is doing wonderful things

  • tom_billesley

    The jackass and the unicorn.

  • clownloach

    Maybe government is just getting everyone to let their guard down and let the usage proliferate throughout the populous to give our police something to do and just keep stalling while trying to put non Trudeau type dispensaries and shop owners out business of and jack the price for all.

  • Blind Druid

    Cold day in Hell when I pay gov’t tax on a bag of dope. My dealer has nothing to worry about and I am sure I am not alone.