Arab Gangs Infiltrate Berlin Police

Extended Arab families that control the criminal underworld in the German capital are reportedly sending their members to join the ranks of the Berlin Police. In a two-page letter obtained by the German news magazine Focus, the insider accuses the department of covering up the criminal records of trainees with links to organized Arab crime families.

The whistleblower warns about the threat of bloody gang wars breaking out within the Berlin Police department. “It remains to be seen when the bullets will fly between the colleagues belonging rival ethnic groups. It’s only a matter of time,” he wrote.

Similar reports, though unconfirmed, have been surfacing on social media over the last few days. 

  • deplorabledave

    They will get what they increasingly, richly deserve.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    We must not allow diversity to become the first casualty of internecine bloodshed.

    Until we muster the courage to stand up and say that your entire culture is garbage and the whole lot of you must be deported as the good from the bad of you are indiscernible.

  • John Boy

    They probably already know that it works from testing it on Canadian police forces.

  • Editor

    “Arab gangs welcomed into Berlin Police in the name of corrupt, dishonest, pig-headed diversity and integration.

    There. FTFY

  • simus1

    Seeing how merkelism works, the brightest new muslim recruits will likely be fast tracked into the priority areas dealing with suppressing rape complaints against muslim migrants. Then there is the intel branch where those of lesser talent will be tasked with converting barrels of money into high value muslim informants.

  • Brett_McS

    “Infiltrate”? We all know they were welcomed with open arms.

  • We tried this in the US. An innocent mother is now dead of a police bullet.

    • Observer

      By definition under sharia law, a kaffir is never innocent.

  • P_F

    Just like east indian punjabi gang members have deeply infiltrated lower mainland rcmp detachments & various other police department. Even the CBSA has not been spared.