Terror in New York: the cowardice of the elites

Too many observers provide cover for Islamist violence.

The man that hates you hates the human race’, wrote Brendan Behan, addressing America, his ‘new-found land’, from the Chelsea Hotel in New York in 1960. Yesterday, in lower Manhattan, a murderous Islamist showed just how true those words are. Manhattan, the steel-wrought emblem of 20th-century modernity, the roaring crossroads for all of humanity, was once again the sight of a barbaric terrorist attack. This was an expression of a worldview that wants to kill and maim not because it hates Godless decadence and consumerism or US domination, but because it hates the human race. Life itself.

  • Watchman

    This Spiked article attempts to put the blame of people who hate all of ‘life itself’, but this is probably not accurate. I guess it is possible that the murder of 8 people would have still occurred if they had all been devotees of the sect of islam the jihadist belonged to, but I doubt it. Later on they admit that that islam influences play a big part in the explanation for the jihadism, so I was wondering whether the ‘hatred of life itself’ was to lull the leftists into reading the article and then hit them with the influence of islam.

    As usual many of the comments on the article itself are worth reading, and many are not.

    • If people were capable of honesty, even to themselves, they would have to admit that Islamism is the culprit and must be stamped out.

      But, you know, the Narrative.