How Multiculturalism Helps Breed Homegrown Terrorism

People who embrace extremist behavior such as terrorist acts demonstrate convincing evidence of a failure to assimilate into the culture in which they reside.

The deliberate and brutal slayings of innocent people in New York City is still fresh and raw for those directly affected. We are family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors of the victims, and we weep and grieve with them (and, yes, we pray for them) as they try to understand what has happened, and why.

One explanation for the rise in terrorist behavior in the United States is the insidious and significantly difficult-to-pinpoint problem of failure to assimilate into an adopted culture. It’s a phenomenon clearly present in Western Europe and apparently emerging from the shadows in the United States. By growing evidence, promoting “multiculturalism” is a major culprit. We certainly don’t discount the influence of ISIS’ ubiquitous propaganda, but to be compelling there must be a willing mind.

  • Martin B

    Sayfullo is an Uzbek rendition of Sayfullah, meaning Sword of Allah. If that’s not enough of a clue, check out the gnome beard.

    Whoever let this goatfucker immigrate to America has the blood of eight slaughtered innocents on his hands.

  • Dana Garcia

    How can terrorism be “homegrown” when it is perpetrated by immigrant foreigners??

    The Federalist needs a better headline writer.

  • One cannot maintain that all cultures are equally good or have something of equal value to offer to the populace. Nor can it be argued that people are more unified under political multiculturalism.That is just demonstrably false.

  • Gary

    It is truly sick how the leftist Liberal media has excused away the jihad slaughter by saying that he was radicalized inside the USA and was a good person when he came in .

    NO…..he lied and did taqiyyah to hide his hatred for the West and jews where it sat in the back of his head until the time was right . He brought in 23 relatives first and then went Jihad because it would be a waste to die as just 1 soldier for allah when he can Poison a dozen the he sponsored in to follow him and slaughter hundreds for allah.

    The muslim Cleric that the CBC parades around for exposing the Toronto-18 muslim terrorist to stop their plot to slaughter 5000 plus with a few Truck bombs, is on record in a CBC interview letting it slip that he did it because it made islam look bad.
    Pay attention because i watch for what muslims DON’T say. Note how he didn’t give a $hit that 5000 plus Canadian civilians would be murdered in jihad…..he only cared that at THIS time it would make islam look bad which means he may want to stop the little fish now to do Dawah and convert Canadians .
    Once there are about 3 million muslims in Canada…..THEN he might endorse a massive Canada wide Jihad to emulate the 9/11 Muslims with several at once for a massive body count for allah as a Victory. Don’t forget that about 3 year ago we had Imam Steve Rockwell boast how Canada will be an islamic state one day once muslims have the numbers for a successful Offensive Jihad attack as ordered in the qruan.

    Imams are telling us what islam will do to canada…..yet the RCMP outreach has basketball games at mosques or cultural centre’s with young male muslims to steer them away from those FEW bad apples that don’t understand the quran .

    THEY WANT US DEAD or converted.