How About Targeting the Demographic Most Likely to Wage Jihad?

A Muslim immigrant stands accused of waging jihad in New York City. He is accused of spilling innocent blood on American soil in the name of Allah – in the name of the religion of peace.

To be clear – I am not anti-Muslim. I am just anti-getting plowed over by a rented pickup truck on a bike path.

If you believe the Democrats and the Mainstream Media, this attack had nothing to do with the suspect’s religious beliefs. But in reality the attack had everything to do with his beliefs.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    To be clear – I am not anti-Muslim.

    What the hell is wrong with this guy?

    • Alain

      Likely an attempt to avoid being called nasty names, but it still is nonsense. I am anti-Islam and against bringing the followers of it into my country. Considering the fact that Muslims remain incapable of living peacefully and respectfully in any country they enter, I have solid grounds to opposed their importation.

      • Linda1000

        Millions get into the west and only a handful work to assimilate.

        • Alain

          As long as they are practising Muslims it is impossible to assimilate. That is my view based on a long experience and observation.

          • Watchman

            As long as there is islam, the danger remains. I know some good and kind ‘muslims’, but no good and kind devout muslims. Even if some or even most muslims are good people, can you guarantee the same of their children, or their children’s children? While islam remains there will always be the danger from those who faithfully practice it, which is what islam must be destroyed.

          • Alain

            You are correct, and I stand corrected. I had overlooked the fact that even when the parents are cultural or nominal Muslims, often their children or even grandchildren decide to put Islam into practice with the normal dire results for their host country and its citizens.

          • Watchman

            You were not wrong. It’s a complex issue, and describing one part of the elephant in a room means that you often have to leave off the description of other parts for brevity. I was agreeing with you. I have read enough of your comments to know that you do know that the root cause is islam, not muslims, and that as long as islam remains it remains a threat to all humanity. It is very hard to fix in a culture where all religions are deemed equally valid.

    • Oracle9

      I am anti-media and anti-progressive traitors first.

    • Sid Falco

      He has a mortgage?

      • Alain

        One of those arranged by the Obama administration no doubt.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    To be clear. I AM anti-Muslim.