Freshmen, Not Faculty Taking Back Reed College from SJWs

Reed College in Portland, OR is yet another liberal-arts school being victimized by illiberal progressives. Their Humanities 110 class, required for incoming freshmen, has been targeted by angry social justice warriors calling themselves Reedies Against Racism (RAR).

The group insisted the silly Steve Martin song, “King Tut,” be banned from the classroom since it is, of course, racist. RAR claimed “the gold face of the saxophone dancer leaving its tomb is an exhibition of blackface” so it was verboten to discuss.

Beginning last year, RAR has protested every HUM 110 lecture, not just holding signs outside the classroom, but commandeering it.

  • Clausewitz

    If SJW’s are making a mandatory class unbearable, I’d be asking for my money back. Maybe that would wake up the idiots in charge of the administration of this school.

    • Alain

      Why exactly is the course “Humanities” whatever that is supposed to be, mandatory?

      • Uncommunist

        Just like all the other ‘Required’ sjw courses that STEM students must take. I think it’s high time social studies, feminist/gender harpies be required at least 1st year math, physics and chemistry or computer science. You know, to round out their character.

        • Felix_Culpa

          Better still: can’t graduate without passing it.

    • You can usually get a full refund if you quit the course early enough. Then you can enroll in another course as a replacement, but it has to happen early (after first couple of classes). Maybe the kids don’t know that. My advice to any youngster considering University today is “don’t go”. But if you must go, then read the course syllabus carefully, do research on the Prof, etc. before committing yourself to any course.

      Although for mandatory courses like this one you’re pretty much screwed. Back to square one: don’t go — get something useful like a trade or something…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just close the school. No one needs it to exist. House the homeless there.

  • ntt1

    humanities 101 sounds like an advanced wanking class, just cancel it but still require the course credit be made up, and not in candle making studies either