‘Enjoy menstruation, even on the subway’: Stockholm art sparks row

The Swedish capital’s metro, or tunnelbana, has been described as the world’s longest gallery, with art permanently on display at 90 of the 100 stations along the 68-mile tunnel system. The decades-old permanent works grapple with issues from women’s rights to inclusivity and deforestation.

But a provocative new exhibit has proved particularly controversial among commuters, sparking debate about the role of public art – and whether the wait for the train is the right time for breaking taboos.

Graphic artist Liv Strömquist’s series of enlarged felt-pen sketches have been on display at Slussen station for the past five weeks. The Night Garden shows cartoon birds, cats, trees, naked men – and women with unshaven legs and visible menstrual blood.

Bonus… Stockholm’s Subway Art, it’s an interesting interactive tour, worth a visit.

  • ntt1

    its the progressive way, attack and ridicule all that is admirable fun and creative , then make icons of every animalistic act, the more debased the better. Canadians have been supporting this kind of cultural vandalism for years through Canada Council grants and various bursaries given out by the group to each other.

  • Sharkibark

    And this is why modern art sucks. The left want to destroy anything beautiful, like art, like families, like mother and fatherhood, like freedom from tyranny.