Brother of Al-Qaeda killer who shot dead Jewish children and Muslim soldiers in France is CLEARED of assisting the attacks but convicted of terrorist conspiracy

The brother of a French al-Qaeda gunman who murdered four Jews and three soldiers was sentenced to 20 years in jail on Thursday.

A court in Paris ruled Abdelkader Merah guilty of terrorist offences, but not direct complicity in the 2012 attacks, where his younger sibling, Mohamed Merah shot three Jewish children and one of their parents in Toulouse, and three soldiers.

While he was cleared of directly taking part in the murders, he was found guilty of the lesser charge of terrorist conspiracy.

  • JusticeVegas

    If I was Jewish & living in France or anywhere in the E.U. or Scandinavia, I would immediately gather my loved ones then leave for the U.S.A. or Israel claiming persecuted refugee status. Better yet, Japan may be the safest place (yet the toughest) for Jews, Christians & Buddhists since they don’t let the Muslims in.

    • CJ

      That would only be a temporary relief from persecution, as Islam will eventually take over the world, taking everything down with it. Civilizations rise and fall, and we are witness to the beginning of the end of western civilization.

      • JusticeVegas

        Good point, but I disagree slightly. I believe you give too much credit to ‘Muslim intelligence’ which is an oxymoron to me. Muslim countries are viciously anti-intellectual, not one makes anything of benefit to the world (patents & intellectual property) and without crude oil they make Greece and Portugal look like an economic powerhouses. I agree we are well on our way to a post-Christian dark age due to Western birth rates under the replacement rate, the continuing explosive, exponential African birth rates and suicidal Western leaders inviting the spread of Islam. However, the Muslims couldn’t “organize a piss-up in a brewery” (as my Brit friends say). And things don’t change (please think of “Lawrence of Arabia”). The world will definitely be much darker and far more violent in the next 100+ years, but areas of Western Civilization will continue (albeit much smaller) until the Muslims eventually destroy themselves. There isn’t a Muslim country today that can produce a car, let alone a viable economy. Muslims will continue to slaughter and destroy everything in its path until it burns out. The conservative Western cultures will survive in desolate areas until it is safe again.

  • bob e

    do you remember the pictures of the beautiful children that were killed ??

    • Truthhurts

      In fact yes I do and their little faces are forever etched in my memory.