Trudeau’s approach to immigration has failed

A quick scan of the news tells us everything we need to know about our failed approach to immigration, integration and protecting national security.

A terrorist attack on Halloween in New York City, murdering eight and injuring 11; the accused a radicalized Muslim migrant who came to the U.S. in 2010 and appears to have ISIS connections.

Closer to home, a report reminds us 180 individuals connected to Canada went overseas to fight alongside terrorist armies. At least 60 of these jihadists have quietly returned to Canada.

  • Linda1000

    Is there one thing that Justine has done so far as PM that actually benefits Canada? He’s very successful at PR, running around taking selfies and seems to be an international star with the EU and the UN but that’s about it.

    • DMB

      Perhaps he should reapply to the position of Canada’s Governor General since that job is all about PR. As for Prime Minister he needs to be ousted NOW!

    • Alain

      In answer to your question it is a big NO, NOTHING.

  • ontario john

    Justin and his elitist friends, believe they know what is best for Canada and the peasants are just there to pay the bills. His attitude is reflected in the people he puts in Cabinet, and other positions. Rex Murphy at the National Post website, has a story on how our new GG is using her role to push Trudeau’s global warming scams, and leftist agenda. And she doesn’t much care for Canadians with religious beliefs. Rex had better watch she doesn’t beat the crap out of him. Assault charges are nothing new to her.

    • Alain

      I wouldn’t say he and his elitist friends believe they know what is best for Canada, but they certainly know what is best for themselves. They don’t care about Canadians or Canada. Otherwise I am in full agreement.

  • J. C.

    I guess one could argue that Justin is doing the Lord’s work… If his ‘Lord’ is Satan, that is… 😉

    • Linda1000

      Isn’t that profanity or “taking the Lord’s name in vain” or whatever that quote might be to associate someone like Justin to with God?

  • rwg1949yt .

    With the coming of a period of severe cold, canada will now be more important than ever for keeping sea ice out of kansas.

  • But election in 2019.

    • Alain

      Yeah, well Scheer and the CPC better wake up and work up some honesty and courage soon, or the destruction of the country will be complete with another Liberal government.