MSNBC and CNN guests look to blame Manhattan truck terror on anything but jihad

It took only a day for the cable news propagandists to find guests that would blame the truck attack on bicyclists in Lower Manhattan on the personal troubles of the perp.

On MSNBC, as noticed by Justin Caruso of the Daily Caller, guest Mubin Shaikh, a “former Islamic extremist” told viewers…

  • Ed

    Could it be due to the “toxic masculinity” we’re hearing so much about???

    • Ed

      Probably wasn’t raised as a feminist. “Socks” warned us about this type of thing.

      • The libs are addicted to fantasy. Islam is part of their multi-culti PC BS.

        Jihad attacks will not stop.

        The libs are betting the house on FAKE reality.

        The rest of the population is waking up to Islam reality.

        The libs are going to have a come to Jesus day.

      • That’s why he dressed his son as a girl for Halloween.

        What an @$$hole.

  • tom_billesley

    I suppose they’ll find a way to blame the bicyclists. Insisting on a separate bike path with no vehicles or bollards to block a truck jihadi is just inviting attack. What stopped him in the end? – a school bus.

  • Linda1000

    Check out what the Deputy Police Commissioner of NYC said:

  • simus1

    That they can run with such mindless pap without totaling cratering their hardcore nonmuslim audience numbers seems worrisome.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It’s all Stephen Harper’s fault!

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Mubin Shaikh is still a radical and just switched to dressing like a sheep.

    I’ve always noticed he’s got the same smirk other so called “Moderates”
    have when they are being interviewed by the MSM.

    Hopefully CSIS and RCMP aren’t buying his act and have him under watch.

    • Gary

      Correct you are. He was on the CBC one night after he exposes the Toronto-18 muslims terrorist plot. His waif was there bu stayed quiet in her Niqab
      He’s a fraud because by his own admission in a News report he did NOT condemn the terrorists or the plot as being un-islamic. What’s odd though is that Sheema Khan from CAIR said he was an islamophobe and liar the told the RCMP what they wanted to hear and got paid for the entrapment set-up by CSIS to trick these innocent muslim youths.
      Mubin pawns him self off as a moderate in the USA while he uses his list of fake Awards by Police forces and the Government which we know really fear not giving him awards to prove that islam is a religion of peace.
      As more and more terrorism goes on in canada by muslims…..I have noticed the News archives are deleting old stories and video of when they praised the same Imams now behind grooming Jihadists.
      Or they look like idiots that bought the lies about peace and now have armed Security at their Studios to stop muslim terrorists from bombing it.

      Justin won’t catch on for about another 15 years even if the UK become an islamic state like Sweden and France.
      It’s just a few bad apples while 99% of the muslims are peaceful. But not the ones in about 80% of the 56 OIC’s. The 1.5 billion peaceful muslims include the dead ones over the last 1400 years .

      i don’t have time to delve into the fraudster in the Khadr family that played the CBC for suckers and told them that he rejected terrorism and got away from the bad muslims.
      BULL. He too is in a video where he does NOT condemn islamic terrorism or Jihadists.

  • Blacksmith

    Former extremist? Bullshit, taqia or however you spell it.

  • Because Ibn Warraq:

    “An obsession with conspiracies leads to fatalism, a refusal to take
    charge of one’s own destiny or to take responsibility for the manifest
    backwardness of one’s own culture.”

    (Warraq, Ibn. Why the West Is the Best. Encounter Books, 2011. pg. 159)