‘Islamophobic’ Jury Didn’t Have Enough Muslims, Says Convicted Rapist

A man imprisoned for 12 years for raping and making death threats to his wife has launched an appeal because he says the jury contained too many white Catholics and not enough Muslims

  • What would be funny is if the jury was replaced with all Muslims and the verdict still came back as guilty.

  • Literally Hitler

    If only it could have been a jury of Jewish women.
    Shabir Ahmed is certainly no scapegoat but if there’s any justice he’ll be some bugger inmate’s personal goat.

  • Alain

    Sorry but I have to ask if by chance he has a Jewish lawyer who put this idea to him. That claim smacks of a defence lawyer’s advice, and for some strange reason the majority of lawyers defending jihadists are Jewish. Yes, I know they are what one calls JINOs but still. My point is that Shakespear was spot on about lawyers of any stripe: they are bottom feeders competition with politicians.