Germany: Violence Spirals in Refugee Shelters

Violent crime, including murder, rape and physical assault, is running rampant in German asylum shelters, according to a leaked intelligence report. German authorities, who appear powerless to stem the rising tide of violence, have justified their failure to inform the public about the scale of the problem by citing the privacy rights of the criminal offenders.

The report, leaked to the newspaper Bild, was prepared for Markus Ulbig, the interior minister of Saxony, where more than 40,000 migrants are being housed in refugee shelters. According to the report, there were ten murders or attempted murders at Saxon migrant shelters in 2016, as well as 960 physical assaults, 671 cases of grievous bodily injury, seven rapes, 10 sexual assaults of children and 268 cases of drug trafficking. The report also cited hundreds of incidents of theft, coercion, arson, brawls and attacks on police officers.

The violence at Saxon migrant shelters continued during the first six months of 2017: there were more than 500 physical assaults, several homicides and hundreds of reported thefts.

  • ontario john

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    • Imam Justin

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  • Hard Little Machine

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  • tom_billesley

    It must be because Saxons aren’t hearty enough in welcoming them.

  • cestusdei

    A considerable amount of this violence is aimed at Christians. They come to the West fleeing Islamic persecution. When they arrive they find the same Muslims and same persecution as before. And the government says nothing because that would be Islamophobic.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
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  • Lightstream

    Why on earth don’t they deport all 40,000 of them!

    If I was elected PM of Canada, I’d stop all immigration and refugees until the backlog was cleared up. Every one that walked across the border would be deported. Do a crime? Deported.
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