Eight sacked Catalan officials are JAILED as European arrest warrant is issued for ousted leader

A judge in Madrid has jailed eight former Catalan regional ministers behind the failed independence bid over fears they will attempt to flee the country.

The Deputy First Minister and seven of his senior colleagues were taken to a jail on the outskirts of the capital Madrid after appearing before the Spanish High Court to answer charges of sedition and rebellion.

The region’s former leader Carles Puigdemont – who fled to Brussels with four of his colleagues on Monday – remains at large but has yet to comment on the action taken against his ministers.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    You’re all going to be replaced by muslims anyways retards.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wow. We usually see that in Wazooistan or Burma or the Congo.

    • Jabberwokk

      The arrogance of the west is the misbelief that it can’t happen here.

  • David Murrell

    I have two minds about the Catalonian rebels. On one hand, they are facing up against the might of Spain and the European Union, both of which are horribly run. But the rebels are left of centre, where they purposely have admitted a high number of Muslim immigrants, a fair percentage of which are terrorist-leaning. So at the end of the day, it’s a fight between two leftist sides.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Nevertheless, the Catalans are a real separate people with their own language and a proud culture. The same EU honchos who would deny Catalan independence are pushing for a Palestinian Arab state for a fake nation.

      • Alain

        Yes, rather selective.

      • xavier

        Yup. On fact They’ve blown off the whole thing as an internal matter.
        Riiiiight a democratically elected govt which actually fulfilled its campaign promise and no violence is jailed.
        Theyvrealky good thing is that the Catalan will sour on the EU and will want nothing to do with them. EFTA !
        In factvthe EU will fall apart over this event.

      • Clausewitz

        Since Madrid refuses to help in the fight against Muslim extremism, why the hell should the Catalans stay?

      • Samuel Q-L

        The Palestine state is Jordan. The J*ws have a state called *Israel* and the Palestinians have Jordan thanks to the UN.

    • xavier

      Actually Rajoy his party and the socialists are heirs of Franco. He had an incoherent economic policy based on autarky and authoritarian corruption.
      The very interesti g thing is Israel. It’s kept its mouth shut regardless of the pressure the Spanish govt to force it to come against the republic

      • canminuteman

        Franco might not have been ideal, but he saved Spain from the communists, which would have been far worse.

        • xavier

          Agreed but the repression was really bad.
          In fact I blame the Castilian republicans for losing the war. They were justhateful towards the Catalans as the Franconists. Worse even.
          Deep down the Castilian republicans preferred to have Franco win then stomach Catalan and Basque autonomy. The events since the last decade and especially how the socialist have agreed to implement art 155 of the constitution without any serious debate merely confirma the deep suspicion that the Catalans were played back in 78.
          Catalans will have their country.

          They categorically refuse to be part of Spain anymore no matter how much the EU and Spain say otherwise.

  • Seems to me a victimless crime. I mean they knew the referendum would be non-binding under the current Constitution, hence symbolic no?

    And seems to me that the thing that triggered the vote was the Islamic terror attack in Barcelona and environs, and disgust with E.U. unelected authority leading to that. I didn’t follow it closely, just a superficial observation — maybe somebody else can clarify…

    • xavier

      Nope it was very similar to what happened to the Tea party.
      In 2002/3 the Catalan voted to update the Estatut
      They followed all of the rules and Zapatero solemnly promised it would be ratified in the Cortes without change.
      But he broke his promise because the Populaes opposed the new one and got signatures to contest in 2004.Zapatero didn’t do anything because he figured that the Populares would get clobbered In Cataluyna and his party would govern Spain.
      But he misread the situation

      In 2010 The Estatut got sent to the Constitutional tribunal were it was shredded to oblivion.
      So once from 2006-2010 the Catalan considered the 78 pact nullified. And since the sentence it was clear that any reform was impossible. because both national parties absolutely refuse to budge or even discuss how to salvage the new Estatut and compromise.

  • dapto

    Why is Luxembourg & Belgium separate countries when i doubt either of those countries would have population or gdp far greater than Catalan.

  • mikeh420

    The Spanish are coming! The Spanish are coming!

  • Felicia Scott

    It is sincerely hoped that the Spanish dictator, Rajoy, suffers greatly from this action and ends up being ousted and deported.