Democrats Suddenly Find Politicizing Death Uncouth

This attack seems tailor-made to confirm preconceptions shared by Donald Trump and a substantial portion of his voting base about radicalized Islamic terrorists hiding in plain sight and about the indulgent immigration laws that allow them to come here. Saipov was the beneficiary of a 20-year-old immigration lottery designed to increase the number of immigrants from nations without much representation in the United States. This bipartisan program, dubbed the “Diversity Lottery,” has become the central focus of the immigration-skeptical right, even more so than the radical Islamist theology that inspires these types of terrorist attacks.

  • Gary

    Maybe we needed the rich leftists Liberals in the PC New York to wade into the pools of islamc blood by jihads where they aren’t even safe on their bikes since ” diversity ” now has an face when the Artists pallette squeezes out a tube a islam-red which we call blood red and creates the same Picture no matter the Artist.