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Pro-white message taped to Native Studies building day after racist pumpkin incident

The day after someone left a racist jack-o-lantern outside Native Studies at the University of Alberta, a message reading ‘It’s okay to be white’ was taped to the building’s front door.

Native Studies Dean Chris Andersen said he found it when he got to work Tuesday morning, and tore it down before too many people saw it. He said he’s not sure whether it was targeted at his office, or at East Asian Studies, which is on the floor above.

Isn’t East Asian Studies being on ‘the floor above’ a microaggression?

Sweden paying millions to immigrants to leave the country

So far this year, SEK 67 million has been paid in financial Funds to immigrants to get them to leave Sweden and return back home.

Such amount has never been paid before. Last year 68 million were paid out, which will be hit this year.

CBC : From Noble Nationalist Institution to Deceitful Scrum-of-the-Earth Criminal

Today, there is more than ever before a need for Canada to act in nationalist and protectionist ways. Since the imposition of a corrupt mass immigration policy in 1990 by Mulroney’s government, Canada has been flooded by about 8 million newcomers. Canada did not need most of them and a significant number of them are hostile to Canada. Like early large American radio stations, these 8 million are culturally overwhelming Canada’s majority population.

Student Activist Criticizes Group for ‘Perpetuating Arab Supremacy’

An attendee at a Palestinian student organization’s national conference last weekend has criticized the group for “perpetuating Arab Supremacy.”

In a social media exchange obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, a woman named Eqra Kazi called out organizers of National Students for Justice in Palestine for “exclusionary behavior” toward non-Arab students at the conference, which was held Oct. 27-29 at the University of Houston.

Only 5% of Canadian tech companies have female chief executives: report

The new figures released on Wednesday, based on research and analysis of more than 900 companies, suggest that there is less representation of women at the helm in the country’s tech sector than in the broader Canadian corporate world.

Jodi Kovitz, the founder of MoveTheDial, says that as technology becomes intertwined into every aspect of modern life, it is “critical” that both men and women, and other diverse views, have a voice in shaping its decisions.

“Otherwise, we will not have solutions that are reflective of our actual population,” she said in an interview. “We have a long way to go in tech, in terms of advancing women to the leadership table.”

Shouldn’t the government be able to regulate the gender of corporate CEOs?

Crusader? CRUSADER? Where’s the outrage?