‘CHAIN MIGRATION:’ Trump Reveals NYC Terror Suspect Brought 23 Others To U.S. After Winning Green Card Lottery

At a Cabinet meeting Wednesday afternoon at the White House, President Donald Trump revealed that NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov may have been able to help as many as 23 other individuals migrate to the United States, as part of a “chain migration” that began when Saipov was awarded a green card.

  • It’s being touted by the liberals as ‘Family Reunification’ and Canadians are about to become very familiar with it.

    • Shebel

      Family Reunification for Them.
      Euthanasia for US.

      The Liberals really DO have a Plan.

    • Alain

      Excuse me but some Canadians are very familiar with it already, which is why I have preached for years that family reunification must be limited to one spouse and dependent children. By children I exclude those in their 20s and 30s claiming to be minors. Present family reunification in Canada is a major cause of rising cost of the health care system.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Immigration is treason.

    • Alain

      Unlimited or mass immigration and of the wrong kind as we have is treason, but I wouldn’t say all immigration is treason.

  • Dana Garcia

    I thought immigrants had to become a citizen to bring in the whole klan.

    Anyway, they should all be deported.

  • Shebel

    Canada has Trump beat all to Hell. This was in 2011.
    Christ only knows how many of Them are here now.

    “A Somali-born Canadian who has brought 94 members of his
    family to Canada in the last decade greeted six more in Winnipeg earlier
    this week.

    “We are the lucky family in Manitoba, or I say all of Canada,” Marcus
    Askar told CBC News on Tuesday night as he greeted the most recent six
    in his extended family to make the trip from the famine-racked country
    in the Horn of Africa. Askar arrived in Canada 15 years ago.

    Some of the newcomers are meeting family members for the first time, while others have not seen each other in years.

    With their escape from a country suffering through 20 years of civil
    war and famine, the Askar children will get a chance to go to school,
    and that means a lot to the struggling family.

    “Their future is bright now. It’s gonna be bright as soon as they came to Canada,” said Askar’s relative, Aputi.

    However, the horror they left behind is never far from the Askars’ minds.

    “As a family we celebrate that family members are coming,” Marcus
    Askar said, “but we are sorry how our people in Somalia are suffering.”

    Hospitality House Refugee Ministry, a Winnipeg-based charity
    that helped sponsor the family, says the number of refugees that Canada
    can accept doesn’t come close to meeting demand.

    “This year the number is 5,600 and when you look at 11 million
    refugees worldwide it doesn’t go very far,” executive director Tom
    Denton said.

    The newest children in Winnipeg’s Askar clan had one thing on their mind when they awakened on Wednesday.

    “Early this morning, when the children wake, the first question they
    ask was ‘where’s the winter, where’s the snow?'” Marcus Askar said.

    And it looks like the Askar clan will be growing again soon: Rahma Askar, one of the new arrivals, is seven months’ pregnant.”

  • deplorabledave

    This man is a godsend.

    • mobuyus


      • Alain

        Compared to all the alternatives at present I must agree with deplorabledave.

  • JoKeR
  • Observer

    Immigration mathematics:
    1 x 23 = 23

    23 x 23 = 529
    529 x 23 = 12,167
    12,167 x 23 = 279,841
    279,841 x 23…

  • DMB
  • Steffbird

    “Familiennachzug” is it in Germany. If it continues the whole orient will soon be in the West. Just do the math.