Islamophobia card played after NYC terror attack

We’ve seen the same lunacy after every Islamist attack in the West with appeasers refusing to focus on the victims and the threat posed by radical Islam and instead fretting about the supposed backlash against the Muslim community.

  • simus1

    When the elites see fit to import killers and wreckers in the hundreds of thousands, presumably they eventually intend to make use of their talents.

    • Linda1000

      The western elites will soon learn they have lost control and will be deposed and forced to convert to islam to survive for awhile or else be killed by their new friends.
      Look at muslim leaders already thrown out or killed in muslim states when the mobs turned against them – Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Shah in Iran, Syria except somehow Assad is still around, Pakistan (Bhutto).

      • barryjr

        Western elites all live in their gated communities with armed bodyguards and couldn’t give 2 sh1ts about others. They’re so self absorbed in their “virtue” that they can’t see truth. The self important assh0les will never learn that they never had control in the first place let alone lost it.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Has anyone noticed that almost to a man, these Muslim immigrant terrorists are all ASSHOLES in their personal lives and almost everyone who has encounters and day-to-day interactions with them has something negative to say?
    I have noticed that for a while.

    • Linda1000

      With fug-ugly beards usually. Only other muslims say good things about their fellow terrorists as in “He is/was such a nice family guy.”

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Actually the “weird beard” (full beard with upper lip and sides of mouth shaved) should be an immediate disqualifier from entry as it’s an almost universal indicator of jihadist tendencies or sympathies, even more so than a burka or other woman covering.

        • simus1

          It is in the “I’m a better muslim than you” traditional one
          upmanship score keeping that substitutes for real world
          valued accomplishments.

  • Malcolm Y

    No mohammedans at all should be our policy. Go back to the sandbox or cross the Styx – their choice. 0 mohammedans = 0 mohammedan terrorists.