Google, Amazon, Netflix mount lobby crusade on Trudeau Liberals

U.S. tech giants including Google, Amazon and Microsoft have held more than 100 separate meetings with influential members of Canada’s Liberal government over the past 12 months, Radio-Canada has learned.

Some critics say those meetings raise ethical issues in light of the government’s controversial agreement with Netflix.

  • Starlord

    Trust me these idiots didn’t ask tech giants pls do this or ask of advice etc. It was the tech giants telling them. This has to be the thinnest government in talent I’ve seen federally in decades.

    Wait Freeland probably asked Amazon and google that their fire and home products come in a feminist version, can only work certain hours & chant indigenous shaman spells.

  • dapto

    All Practicing Zieg Heils in front of a Hitler/Merkel Portrait.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s important to note that those companies don’t see other companies as their competition. Their competition is nation states. Google in particular. Google considers itself a kind of post modern nation

  • robins111

    The brown paper bags will be moving like bottles in a pepsi plant.

  • Liberal Progressive

    There is nothing of concern with this as we have the best government money can buy.