France and Poland clash over court ruling to remove cross from late Pope Jean Paul II statue

A diplomatic spat has erupted between France and Poland over a top court order to remove a cross from a statue of the late Pope Jean Paul II in a Brittany town because it breached rules on secularism.

Poland has pledged to save the work from the “dictates of political correctness” by having it shipped to the late pontiff’s native country.

Gifted in 2006 to the mayor of Ploërmel, western France, the 7.5 metre-high statue depicts Jean Paul II in prayer, standing beneath an arch adorned with a large cross.

Which country is handling the migrant and Islam issues better?

  • cdajoe

    But we’re cool with hundreds of muslims praying in the street.

  • DaninVan

    They’re cool with it and apparently that’s the only criteria that matters.
    I really shouldn’t give a shit about Poland, given their past history on anti-Semitism, but the reality is that they’re the canary and it’s not looking good.

  • BillyHW

    Frenchmen are nothing but unholy faggots.

  • dapto

    The French deserve to be an apparition in history.

  • So it didn’t “breach the rules of secularism” 11 years ago, but now it suddenly does. Which means it’s arbitrary, which means it’s dictatorial. No wonder the French stupidly embraced the Nazis, until they woke up too late and the Nazis occupied them. And the rest of world had to come to France’s rescue in WWII.

  • irishrus

    Oh we forgot Crosses break laws and face coverings make new ones