Delhi Police arrest gangster hired by Chhota Shakeel to murder writer Tarek Fatah

This is the second arrest made for targeting Pakistan born writer Tarek Fatah this year. Earlier this year, Delhi Police’s special cell arrested a man named Junaid for planning to target Tarek Fateh on the orders of Chhota Shakeel.

  • Tara Singh Hayer was also murdered for speaking out against extremists and the Canadian authorities did nothing:

    • Linda1000

      Oh, well she was a disposable female. No big deal in islamic Canuckistan. /S but it’s true.
      Nothing at your link.

      • HE spoke against the culprits of the worst terrorist attack in Canadian history.

        Things are repeating themselves.

        • Linda1000

          Got it, thanks. I thought Tara was a girl’s name but I did wonder about the Singh Hayer as I typed. Lol
          His son is very brave for carrying on with the paper. I don’t remember the press coverage either but it seems B.C. news isn’t covered as much in the MSM. It’s better now with the online news sites but unless you make a point of reading the Vancouver papers we don’t hear much from that province generally. Seems that way anyhow.

          • It just demonstrates how little the authorities and people care about extremism in their midst.

  • ontario john

    Did the Toronto Star put up the money for the attempt??

  • Tooth&Claw

    Low intelligence scum. Islam’s finest.

  • simus1

    That’s discrimination!
    Our Canadian muslim gangsters were never given a chance to bid on the hit?

  • marty_p

    The picture looks like the average Peel Region citizen.

  • ontario john

    They will have lots of opportunities for murder, when they all start flocking over here under Trudeau’s new immigration plan.

  • Ed

    “Somebody gonna getta hurtt reeeeeal baaad”

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Tarek’s daughter Natasha Fatah works for the CBC..

    just sayin.