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New York: ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Plan Resubmitted Years After Protests

New plans for a Muslim cultural center in the Financial District have been filed, years after the original proposal spurred backlash from opponents furious that the site was so close to the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Sharif El-Gamal, the developer behind the project, this time plans a smaller center than the 15-story building he had originally envisioned at 51 Park Place. El-Gamal, the founder of Soho Properties, is currently working on a luxury condominium tower at neighboring 45 Park Place.

Protesters Disrupt Roman Polanski Honor in Paris

French feminists on Monday disrupted the opening ceremony of a planned retrospective of Roman Polanski’s work by the Cinematheque Francaise as the director appeared to present his latest film, Based on a True Story.

The activists entered the theater bare-chested with slogans reading “VIP – Very Important Pedocriminal” painted across their backs and chanted “No honor for the rapists” as Polanski signed autographs.

Justin Trudeau dresses as Clark Kent for Question Period, reveals Superman costume after

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister is disguised as Clark Kent as his Halloween alter ego for 2017.

On his way to question period today, Trudeau descended the stairs sporting slicked-down hair and a blue suit with a bright red tie, surprising the assembled staff and journalists who were waiting for him.

As he got to the bottom of the stairs, he opened his shirt to expose the Superman costume hidden underneath, quipping, “It had to be done.”

But what socks? And they call themselves journalists.

The Swedish Democrats want to place new Muslim immigrants in separate schools

Stockholm Direkt report That the party recognize that immigrants are slowing down the classroom.

As it today, newly arrived Arab immigrants enter the schools too early, say in the Swedish Democrats in Stockholm, who, in their shadow budget, presented possible measures.

Instead of being sent to the usual schools, immigrants should be put in separate preparatory schools where they must study the Swedish language, that should be prioritized.

Trudeau Is The Most Dishonest Prime Minister In Canadian History

Beyond the usual lying and deception employed by many politicians, Trudeau’s immense dishonesty is due to his allegiance to a globalist agenda that isn’t focused on doing what’s best for Canadians.

Many politicians lie and deceive from time to time. It’s unfortunate, but we all know it.

However, there is a deeper level of allegiance and honesty we expect from politicians: Beyond political games, we expect Canadian leaders to be loyal first and foremost to our country, rather than the interests of global corporations or international institutions. At a certain level, we expect our leaders to be Canadian patriots – “True Patriot Love”, not globalists.

It’s on this deeper level that Justin Trudeau is being revealed as the most dishonest Prime Minister in Canadian history.