‘Allahu Akbar’ and jihad denial: Every massacre sparks a spin cycle

Who knew hijacker Mohammed Atta’s parting words, discovered in his journal after the 9/11 attacks, would become a national punchline?

  • Marvin
  • Can I copy that chart, please? It’s so accurate.

  • ontario john

    And of course the White House press briefing today, quickly turned into the usual anti-Trump session. Trump is evil for cracking down on muslims. And even a question on whether the White House believes that slavery is bad. And here in Sunny Ways Canada, the Islamic government of little Justin announced how it is going to flood the country with muslims over the next few years. Time to get your bags packed and immigrate to Australia.

    • robins111

      Of course the other option involves lamp posts and rifles.

    • mobuyus

      The blokes are going through the same islamization of their country shit that we’re going through, but in the opposite direction.

  • Linda1000

    The lefty lieberal voters of NYC and state from the Governor on down own this attack and have blood on their hands, including Schmuckschumer in Washington who brought in the lottery diversity program. Trump says this terrorist brought in another 23 “family members” – chain invasion immigration.

  • robins111

    Shouldn’t there be a ‘small fire’ in the offices of a mosque, that happened almost immediatly after the security camera system broke, Some where in that narrative???

  • occupant 9

    The very fact the media MUST downplay the blossoming of Muhammadism is to underscore that they know they are lying. That OUR politicians and OUR media would knowingly obfuscate on behalf of *any* foreign law/culture that has an end goal of our destruction and/or replacement … should be … an clear open and shut case … of sedition and/or treason.

  • Oracle9

    Oh, and if Islam is the motivating factor, then of course the Christians are far worse.