Wife kills 15 of her in-laws in botched bid to poison her husband because she was forced into an arranged marriage in Pakistan

A wife has been arrested after allegedly killing 15 of her in-laws in a botched bid to poison the man she had been ordered to marry in Pakistan.

Aasia Bibi, from Muzaffargarh in the southwestern Punjab province of Pakistan, was forced to marry Amjad Akram against her will in September.

Two months into the unhappy marriage, the 21-year-old bride, who was allegedly in love with another man, hatched a plot to kill her 25-year-old husband by poisoning his glass of milk.

  • Gary

    Just 1.4 billion to go .

    • The fruits of Islam for all to see.

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        Muzzie family values!

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    That seems entirely reasonable. Let’s invite her here for a college speaking tour on feminism.

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    I’m with her.

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    if you’re ever invited to a Pakistani wedding … don’t go!

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    Two Pakistanis are begging at Heathrow. One leaves at the end of each day with a few pounds for his sloth while the other invariably leaves with scads of cash. One day the less successful beggar asks the other why he is so much better at his trade. Look at our signs he says. Yours says need money to feed family while mine says need money for plane ticket home.

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    I hope Justin doesn’t read this or he’ll be dispatching a govt jet to bring her to Canada as a refugee.

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      Why would he when he would prefer to bring over the other 193 million of them?

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    I almost want our military to hire her to each them how she did it. Maybe we could eliminate all of the Islamic Fundamentalists on the cheap… a few poisoned forced marrages at a time.

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      My sister said, that if she had a husband that beat her, she would wait for him to go to sleep and she would have a knife. It’s an Irish thing.

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        One of the points of wisdom from me old Grand Dad was never argue with a woman in the kitchen. That’s where the knives are kept.

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    Was anyone hurt?

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    We’ll that cleared a bunch of the buggers off the planet.

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    That must have been a kick ass poison.