Virginia Governor’s Race: Disgusting Political Ad Depicts Kids Running From Menacing Confederate Flag Pickup Truck

A leftist organization released a new ad Saturday that continues the menacing smear that the Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, is a white supremacist just like the rioters in Charlottesville. The ad depicts a group of minority children running from a pickup truck with an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker.

  • Sharkibark

    The left have to resort to fear mongering, as they have no coherent argument.

    • Alain

      Such as Harper will be soldiers and guns in our street.

      • Sharkibark

        Soldiers and guns in our streets don’t sound like a threat to me, but a promise. Not one that I want, but I hope is there if and when it’s neeeded.

  • BillyHW

    There are hundreds of thousands of black on white rapes per year. There no white on black rapes per year.

    The people who have anything to fear are whites, who are victims of black crime, of hispanic crime, of gypsy crime, of muslim crime.

  • Dana Garcia

    The left cannot convince local people (except college students) of its ideology, so it has to import voters from abroad. Therefore mass illegal immigration is given the highest priority.

    As a result, persons who advocate immigration laws be enforced (even moderately, like Gillespie) are smeared are racist child hunters.

  • Conservatives lack imagination. The Confederate flag is the Democrat flag! The KKK is a Democrat-founded organization! The Confederate historical symbols being torn down are Democrat symbols! Heck, the irony is so thick that you don’t have to be a genius to figure out a million ways to one to turn the Left’s revisionist history on its head with a creative counter-advertisement. Especially since the guy in the “confederate truck” is supposed to be a supporter of the local Republican candidate — the people who abolished slavery — indicated by the bumper sticker.

    Conservatives and Republican establishment need to learn how to use the right side (the artistic side) of their brains better if they expect to defeat the defamation and propaganda of the Left. “The People’s Cube” is a good place to start if you want to learn how to defeat communist agitprop, imo.

    • Clausewitz

      Problem is that when students go to University these days it’s not to develop as critical thinkers, but to be turned into mindless leftist zombies.

  • Ed

    Ed Gillespie’s team couldn’t have come up with a better ad.

  • canminuteman

    Maybe they can be convinced that the US is such a horribel place they will leave.

    • Maybe everybody else should leave, as many whites did in South Africa after black majority rule destroyed the economy. Today black politicians are begging whites to return to help them restore the place.

      Too late — people have better things to do with their lives than go bouncing around the world every time a retarded Commie pinko politician decides to try another experiment with failed Socialism for the umpteenth time.

      • canminuteman

        And there is nowhere else to run too. At this point in human history, where would you go? I suppose there are less worse places, but there are no good places.

        • Believe it or not this was supposed to be my last day here — gave notice to my landlord 60 days ago (getting an extension — things are taking longer than anticipated).

          I’m returning to a third world country. Government is less intrusive because they simply don’t have the money to be intrusive, but they also don’t have the money to control crime. So it’s a trade-off. I’m willing to risk my security for freedom from Government mandating what I should think or believe.

          If I find something nice and can access internet I’ll keep in touch with the BCF gang — who knows, maybe I can help others do the same. But I’m not holding my breath. 🙂

          • canminuteman

            I’d love to know how it works out for you. Keep us posted, and good luck!

          • Thanks, will do. Hopefully I’ll still be here for a few more months so I can prepare better and the landlord isn’t too pissed off for giving him such a wonky date of departure.

            Anyway you can call me “serendipity ricardo” from this point forward…

          • A Hamilton Guy

            Via Condios! Please stay in touch. Common sense is sorrly needed.

  • Del Evans

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am done being civil. Fuck the niggers and spics. Whites will always be called racist by shitskins so what do I have to lose by saying FUCK YOU NIGGER

  • A Hamilton Guy

    What if this boomerangs and he gets a majority?