The Ugly Truth About Sex Reassignment the Transgender Lobby Doesn’t Want You to Know

Sex reassignment is as natural as being born, some in the media tell us. And many Americans are buying it.

But a growing chorus of dissenters made up of physicians, researchers, and even transgender individuals is beginning to paint a far different picture of the truth.

These dissenters are now coming forward to expose just how harmful gender transition and reassignment are—both medically and sociologically speaking.

h/t Marvin

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  • CoolTolerance

    If they are transgenders, they should have their own groups whether in sports, in the Military, or wherever physical strength is required.

  • Exile1981

    Well sad news, Toronto, Washigton DC and Paris lost out to Hong Kong on the chance to host the 2022 Gay Games. Wynne and Turdeau must be shattered at the loss.

    • DVult

      The Gay Games? Maybe Kevin Spacey could be the grand marshal.

      • Exile1981

        I think Jon Torry wanted that job

      • DVult

        Should probably have been the Grand Poofster.

      • Lightstream

        when are we going to have the Heterosexual Parade and Heterosexual Games anyway?

        • k1992

          When society once again values heterosexuals … that’ll be when islam takes over completely, one supposes. Hmm, but does islam allow sports?

      • k1992

        Rumor has it that the Iranian National Team consists of reanimated zombies of murdered gays.

    • John Boy

      I’m sure Justin is sad that he couldn’t compete in the circle jerk whatever that sport is.

  • The butchery alone should be sufficient reason to abandon this garbage.

  • J. C.

    Chop your dick off… What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!