Homosexuality part of Disney ‘legacy,’ evidently

The activist group OneMillionMoms.com is warning parents of the direction that the teen-based show Andi Mack is taking in its second season. “This is not a subtle character, this is not subtle hints like they’ve been known to do in the past, but this will be a main character on the program,” reports 1MM director Monica Cole.

  • ontario john

    Homosexuals and little boys. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Gary

    I remember the time at Disney World about 1979 and how one of the Disney Staff stopped me and told me to button up my shirt because they try to portray a good image to children.
    I wasn’t used to the heat while they pave the walkways with black ashphalt to dehydrate you in the hot sun while there just happens to be Juice stands near by with a nice profit margin.
    Years later I heard that alcohol was sold in special eatery spots . When Walter died in 1967 he left the detailed plans for all of his Disney projects. But very slowly it drifted away from a Family Theme with wholesome values to a profit driven business wanting to please everyone.
    It was implied that the Magic Kingdom Kids that you youths with a Summer job has many gay males that were the dancers with a frozen smile plus full of bubbly energy. They didn’t wear rainbow sock or wave rainbow flags, but now Disney Parks have their gay-Day while some Parks have a Muslim day .

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’ve been watching “The Fosters”. An ABC/Freeflow/Disney production. It’s hysterical. It makes a great drinking game to see how many progressive check boxes they can jam into every episode.

    Lesbian couple
    Inter racial lesbian couple
    Foster kids
    Black foster kids
    Mexican foster kids
    Gay foster kids
    Trans foster kids
    White men are drunks
    White men are criminals
    White men are child abusers
    White men are wife beaters
    Pregnant black girls are scholarship students
    Prostitution is noble
    Hispanic girls don’t have to follow the law
    Black teenagers commit crimes but it’s ok
    Date your siblings

    It’s awesome.

  • David Murrell

    The Canadian Family Channel — which imports many Disney shows — comes with part of our Rogers cable package. I tried watching a few shows (they’re commercial free) but the writing and acting are insufferable. The posted information gives us an incentive to delete the Family Channel.

  • JoKeR

    Maybe they’ll hire Kevin Spacey as their inhouse expert on childrearing?

  • sk6actual

    Well it ain’t just Disney. Just about all now have, even if ever so covertly, some sort of gay reference or action/participation of LGB even in military themed. And then there are those that are just openly blatant it. Nor, it seems, can you avoid seeing biracial relationships. We are being flooded by them in commercials from auto insurance to home furnishings.

  • Lightstream

    I am so sick of this LGBT crap being foisted on everyone, including young children. Honest to Pete!!! Enough already.