Google, Amazon, Netflix mount lobby crusade on Trudeau Liberals

U.S. tech giants including Google, Amazon and Microsoft have held more than 100 separate meetings with influential members of Canada’s Liberal government over the past 12 months, Radio-Canada has learned.

Some critics say those meetings raise ethical issues in light of the government’s controversial agreement with Netflix.

Radio-Canada, the French-language arm of CBC, pored over the lobby registry and found Amazon had 99 meetings with decision-makers, while Google had 37 meetings, including one with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his two closest collaborators: chief of staff Katie Telford and principal secretary Gerald Butts. Microsoft, Netflix and Facebook also had meetings with federal officials.

Follow the money, Liberal party members are almost always enriched by “policy”.

  • JoKeR

    Well if they didn’t send Kevin Spacey to meet with Liberal contact Ben Levin they are never going to get in the back door.

    • Will Quest

      That crowded bed of regressives must be infested with STDs …….

  • Gary

    I want to know why Justin gave a huge bag of money to Hillary Clinton’s Foundation.
    Was it tied to the Uranium One deal in Canada on top of Liberals thinking that Hillary would win in 2016 and the corruption would go on as the media covered it up .

    • ntt1

      the democrats sent a bunch of mercenaries up here to help turdhole get elected, this 20 million was probably a thank you they could have just paid slick willy 20 million to give a short speech but he refused to do it in French.

    • Will Quest

      Excellent question ……. the Rebel needs to investigate this kick-back …
      The Uranium One deal availed themselves of foreign laundry mats to launder the contributions to the Clinton foundation….
      Pose that question with Ezra at the Rebel Gary ….

  • More graft.

    • JoKeR

      But they’re the best government that money can buy!

  • Tooth&Claw

    My heart sank into my stomach when I heard Trudope won the federal election. I see that reaction was well founded. I hope Karma bites him hard and very soon. Canada won’t survive his leadership.