Geert Wilders to go on ‘Islam safari’ through notorious Muslim suburb

Two far-right parties have come under fire for organising an ‘Islam safari’ through a neighbourhood that became notorious after the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Leaders from the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) and Flemish Interest Party in Belgium are planning on visiting Molenbeek in Brussels on Friday.

  • Does he have a gun?

  • barryjr

    Sending politicians into these areas is pointless it’s time to send the army through and clean out the invaders.

    • Lightstream

      You got that right. They’ll probably stone Geert Wilders and the others to death. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Mickey Oberman

      It is not pointless.
      The push back must start somewhere.

  • Brett McS

    Oooh, he’s being needlessly confrontational. Don’t upset them, they’ll get angry.

    • k1992

      Angrier, anyway. Angry seems to be their default mood.

      • ntt1

        they are pissed off about the lack of advancement in 1400 years except of course the drinking of camel urine.

      • Mickey Oberman

        Probably generated by frustration.

  • ntt1

    curried pork bung.

  • Nonni

    Enclosed Landrovers are the cars of choice.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Wilder’s idea might just be the beginning of a long awaited elimination of Islamic horror by himself and many other freedom loving people.

    Very Bbest wishes, Mr. Wilders.