France: New Anti-Terrorism Law Takes Effect

French President Emmanuel Macron has formally signed a new counter-terrorism law which gives prefects, police and security forces wide-ranging powers — without the need to seek prior approval from a judge — to search homes, place people under house arrest and close places of worship. The measure also authorizes police to perform identity checks at French borders.

The new law, adopted by the French Senate on October 18, makes permanent many of the previously exceptional measures imposed under a two-year-old state of emergency, which was introduced after the jihadist attacks in Paris in November 2015. That state of emergency was slated to expire on November 1.

During a signing ceremony at the Élysée Palace on October 30, Macron said the compromise measure strikes the right balance between security and respect for civil liberties. Hardliners counter that the new law does not go far enough, while human rights groups complain that it will leave France in a permanent state of emergency.

A permanent state of war with Islam.

  • Gary

    This will be Toronto and Montreal one day and we know that we will hear the same BS after every jihad slaughter by a devout muslims as a favour to allah.
    When a mosque is alleged to have been vandalized…… the media and Police rush it to call it a hate-crime and islamophobia by a racist , when a devout muslim boasts of their jihad attack in a video and cites quranic verses to show why they do it. Our leaders are quick to blame mental illness and make sure that the relatives of the dead know that Islam had NOTHING to do with it.

    This year in Ontario we had our 3rd Public school that allowed a Mosque in it for muslms to pray during school hours. This is a perfect ruse to to lull the school staff into a sense of peace and security where NO muslims students will have their back packs check or niqabs check for bombs.
    Then one day…….BOOM, lots of students slaughtered while the School Boards and muslims wash their hands of it and the Leaders tells that islam is a religion of peace where the person had NOTHING to do with islam .

    • Exile1981

      Calgary too.

  • mobuyus

    When you have islam you are in a “permanent state of emergency”. When will enough be enough with this subhuman detritus?

    • Dana Garcia

      Muslim immigration is the path to self-destruction, guaranteed.

      Why can’t we get a clue on this side of the Atlantic from Europe’s suicide?

  • Dave

    Typical european reaction: “close the stable door after the horse has bolted”
    It will also be trudopes legacy.