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Sweden’s housing obligation to asylum seekers means other vulnerable groups go without: report

In the report, which broadcaster SVT had access to, around 60 percent of Swedish municipalities said they had experienced a ‘displacement effect’ – where other vulnerable groups had a difficult time finding a home because of the right to housing for asylum seekers.

“As a consequence, others who need housing go without. We are not obliged to supply housing for them,” Thed Carlsson, head of social services in Hässleholm municipality, told SVT.

Several female joggers attacked by migrants: German TV now advises to take safe routes

A young female jogger in Germany was brutally beaten at night by ‘seven foreigners’ in a park in Bottrop last week. While running she was suddenly surrounded and attacked by the members of the group.

According to Recklinghausen police the young woman was severely injured during the attack and was transported to hospital. The men involved were described as: 18-years-old and speaking ‘broken German’. They constantly told the woman to stand up so they could hit her again. Fortunately for the woman she was not sexually assaulted or robbed.

Edmonton school districts challenged by increase in English-language learners

The number of students who need help with English in Edmonton schools is at an all-time high, new enrolment data shows.

Of the 98,914 Edmonton Public Schools pupils counted on Sept. 29, one-quarter are English-language learners, according to the school district. The proportion of students who need help with English was up slightly from last school year, and rose markedly from 2004, when just five per cent of students needed assistance with English.

Passenger jet is SABOTAGED before it is due to take off in Sweden after person gains access to airport area

An attempt to sabotage a passenger aircraft as it lay parked in an airport hanger is being investigated by police.

According to local police in the northern town of Gällivare, the break-in was discovered at around 5.30am on Monday, before its morning flight.

Specialist officers have began examining the Nextjet plane to determine exactly what happened.

Young women of colour at forefront of Halifax’s social justice movement

They are young. They are women. And they are racialized.

Young women of colour are at the vanguard of Halifax’s social justice movement, part of a new generation of social activists.

Kati George-Jim is a 21-year-old Indigenous student and member of Dalhousie University’s board of governors.

Masuma Khan is a 22-year-old Muslim student leader at the Halifax university.

Rebecca Thomas is a 31-year-old Dalhousie graduate and Mi’kmaq poet laureate.

Together, they are unapologetically standing up for social justice and refusing to back down in the face of controversy.