Calling the Cops in Europe? Don’t Bother

Are there no-go zones in Europe, or aren’t there? Have political control and the power of law enforcement in some urban neighborhoods been tacitly turned over to local Muslim leaders, with even the police taking a hands-off attitude? Across Europe, some politicians, journalists, and police spokespeople continue to deny that such zones exist, although the evidence for their existence becomes increasingly difficult to disavow.

Even as these establishment functionaries continue to insist that no-go zones are a myth, however, news reports are indicating that in several European countries, the policing problem has advanced beyond the mere fact of no-go zones.

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Reader

    It’s time for a musical interlude.

    • Marvin

      I’ll take a Scotsman over rap music any day.

  • Mark Matis

    Better not call the cops in the US either. Just ask Justine Damond.

    Oh wait, you can’t. She’s dead. Serves the stupid Aussie right for being dumb enough to call the pigs.

  • bob e

    this did not take even 1 Panzer ..