7 Takeaways From Mueller’s Charges In Russia Collusion Probe

Are the indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates a huge deal? Is Trump on course to be impeached? It depends on who you ask and may take some time to determine.

Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates were indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 counts, including conspiracy to launder a whopping $75 million, and false and misleading federal filings. They pled not guilty on Monday. In addition, Trump foreign policy advisor George Papadopolous was revealed to have pled guilty to making false statements in an FBI interview about his discussions with Russia-related contacts earlier in the year.

Is this a huge deal?

  • andycanuck

    I’ll wait for the truth of the matter from MSNBC before the Federalist, thanks.

  • barryjr

    Number 7 is the most disturbing. This is why past candidates for high office have done extensive checking of those they plan on having as close advisers, something Trump has obviously failed to do with the number of his team members having shady pasts. Yes Clinton and the DNC have many shady things in their past but they are not the ones on the White House presently. Trump knows what the “average” American wants from his position but he is his own worst enemy with his utterances and choice of advisers. Enough of the unfiltered Twitter and the public shaming of those that truly deserve it. The office of president has higher expectations of the individual than those of a successful business CEO and it is time for Trump to start living up to them. Failure to do so will allow these “distractions” to prevent him moving forward with his goals and even cause enough erosion of support for the Democrats to take back the White House.

  • PaulW

    Hillary Clinton made false statements to the FBI – and everyone else for that matter = is she going to be charged? Of course not. Different laws for different folks.

  • simus1

    There was a humourous old Latin American “quote” attributed to that area’s “most honest president in history”:
    “For my friends and relatives, everything.
    For everyone else, the law.”